Friday, April 10, 2009


Happy Easter

It's funny how certain customs never or hardly change. Take for instance the Good Friday tradition of not eating meat, All Souls candle lighting and bussing(bursting)bamboo joints in honour of Guy Fawkes. When I was a child I always disliked Good Friday since I was never allowed to eat the things I wanted.

There were many Good Friday morning battles over my desire to eat sauasages and not cheese. Needless to say I always lost but consoled myself with the thought of being grown up and able to eat whatever I want,whenever I want. Life had the last laugh though because invariably on Good Friday mornings I eat cheese and crossbuns. Old habits die hard even the ones forced on you.

This year I didn't go to church but I am eating fish so two from three is not that bad...riiiight? As much as I would like an egg white to tell me my fortune I can't deal with the potential bad news so that too will wait.

Happy Easter y'all and please to stay away from the sea today. Remember,the sea allegedly claims a sacrifice on Good Friday and I can't have any of you becoming a martyr.

I LOVE Good Friday. Plenty of steak for me (medium rare please) since the superstitious of us are sticking with only swimming meat today.

And I'm still not sure why Christians insist on celebrating the spring festival honoring Eostre, the great mother goddess of the Saxons but if you must. (Although the egg and bunny part of Easter is actually Norse since those are the symbols of the goddess Ostara. )

But Happy Zombie Sunday nonetheless from your infidel from Boston.
My infidel isn't really an infidel but he likes to pretend he is. I never understood the egg and bunny bizniz at all though.
The big religious holidays always center around the sun. Winter Solstice = Christmas, Ramadan, Chanukah, etc.

Spring Equinox = Easter, Passover, Holi, etc.

It's a human thing to celebrate seasons this way which is fine. I don't understand why there is a need to invent stories to go along with it. I mean, the gospels from the New Testament were written 60 years after the events supposedly happen. I couldn't write down what I had for breakfast yesterday accurately.
I never got the egg and bunny thing either... easter eggs and easter bnnies?? oh well.

They're Spring symbols. Eggs because they're the symbol of a new birth and Bunnies because they give birth to more babies than the Octomom.
ah fuhget bout that stay from de beach sayin.... since it ain't April 13th ah guess Soufriere ain't gwine act up..

Well Happy Easter whether or not yuh go to church or dey waiting pon de Easter Bunny fuh lay eggs.

Interesting lil adage at the end there...happy forgot to mention all the chocolate....yumm....
my so wanted to know if the easter bunny would be in church this weekend. sigh!

and i aint eat one fish this week
I think I ate more meat than usual over the holiday weekend! So much for traditions lol! I did get bun and cheese from my employer though. I had a few slices with the cheese.
Church didn't see me at all this Easter wkend. Looks like Chris is rubbing off on me:)
i wonder where this egg fortune telling on Good Friday custom came from. the older people in Barbados have/had the same custom. i've never done it. does it work?
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