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One thing I love about Easter is the increased presence of fish. Seems like everywhere I turn persons are literally begging me to buy fish of all types. While the small fry are going dirt cheap(3lbs for $10), the bigger boys like kingfish, dolphin and the like are still going at pre Easter rate.

Not so long ago Easter time used to be great for bargains on dolphin etc. Back then fish sold for about $3.50 and it was not uncommon to get 3lbs for $10 or lower.Since then fish price has shot up to as high as $10ECD pushing it out the reach of the average citizen. In effect fish became a luxury item moreso for those with families and chicken ruled supreme.

This upcoming weekend though it will be fish, fish and more fish. It will be interesting to see if the price spikes by Thursday given the increased demand. Despite the presence of abundant fresh fish there will still be a huge market for codfish and mackerel. This is the one weekend of the year when meat takes a backseat and I am not complaining. I think I better go in search of some fish recipes.

As a former Catholic from New England with some of the best seafood in the US, I never quite understood how not eating meat on a Friday was a sacrifice.

Hmmm, Friday during lent and we can't have a cheeseburger. Ok, give me the lobster.

Dear Catholics, Dolphins aren't fish, Soylent Green is people and FISH IS MEAT!!!
holy crap i forgot friday is fish day... dammit... i think i have some ballahoo...

just to let people know - dolphin = mahi mahi, not flipper... here we call it dolphin but it ain't the mammal we eatin - is an actual fish... ;-) a friend used to run a restaurant in bdos and was constantly explaining to tourists that we don't eat actual dolphins... lol...
god i want a good piece of dolphin right now with some farine.

happy easter.
lol@Chris... on a serious note, how is eating FISH instead of MEAT a sacrifice??

Anywho, I not into fish. Or the bony-bony versions anyway. Too many bones to get stuck in teeth, abuse tongue and gums and slide down the throat to lodge in some annoying area at the back...
Ruthie,they say it has to do with blood letting.

Will,thanks for the explanation becos folks always think we eating flipper.That said Flipper would be pretty tasty dont you think?

Ahh Chris..former catholic you say..that explains soooo much.lol

Happy Easter to you to HB..Farine getting quite ecpensive too

You want to turn someone into an atheist, send them to catholic school ;)

Exactly my point. Whenever I ask a catholic why they can't eat meat on Friday they usually say "I dunno". (Which means they haven't even put an ounce of thought into it. Win for Religion)

But every once in a while somebody says that it is a sacrifice. Huh? Maybe if you're from the desert it's a sacrifice but when you live near salt water, seafood is a treat!

And thanks for clearing up the dolphin. I thought Kami was eating flipper! Not that I object though, I was just curious how he tasted ;)
dolphin isnt flipper? thanks for ruining it for me lol. actually i think flipper would be rather tasty. i could get with that or some king fish but i prefer some pork please
Chris,am sure flipper would be one tasty meal.Will you find him in New england? If so ..you know the rest:)
I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!
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