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I've been having dreams but not the lovely ones of vacations in exotic places or winning the lottery(which I never play). Instead I've been dreaming of fish and pigs. Silly me mentioned to some persons that I dreamt of fish and all now I cannot convince them that there are no formulas and diapers in my immediate future. It seems the Vincy dream book with its explanation for dreams of fish is stronger than my reality. Nevertheless, I will certainly have the last laugh.

Last night I dreamt of pigs,virus giving pigs. Pigs contaminated with flu and gleefully infecting us all. Everywhere I looked people were wearing masks as if Soufriere had erupted and we had to protect ourselves from sulphur and ash. I saw long lines at the hospital looking for vaccines that were either nonexistent or insufficient to meet the demands. Disappointed persons could be heard wondering aloud if corilla and other forms of bush medicine were strong enough to fight off this threat. Meantime, visions of Stephen King's The Stand were dancing in my head.

Then I woke up and first thing on the television was news that this flu thing cannot be contained. Now I'm wondering if my island has the capacity to handle it should it arrive on our shores.

Pigs contaminated with flu and gleefully infecting us all.in a very strange way, that's one of the funniest sentences i've ever read...

Goddamit all. I just came down with Sars like last week and now I find out that was like so totally 2003.
dont let them tv people frighten you. and stop blaming the pigs.
i really feel the oinkers need to get together a class action suit for defamation of character
We are all at threat with this disease. But you seem to be having nightmares, not dreams!
lmao... jdid u rock!

abeni, those really Do sound more like nightmares than 'dreams'...
lol,well my eyes were closed so they were dreams
Always interested in our islands' traditional medicine - what's 'corilla'?
finola,it;s a vine that bears some oval looking "fruit"
I think the media is making it sound a lot worse than it is still....

At the same time, don't take chances. Take out anyone coughing or sneezing in your vicinity!
finola, I think Abeni is talking about what we call corile, pron: co-rye-lee. NOt sure what it is in SLU.

Abeni, I more thinking about your fish dreams! Girl!! Old and young people alike will tell you baby coming. Worse yet if it was jacks you dreamt about.
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