Thursday, March 12, 2009


Of this and that

I woke up this morning to hear that the journalist who had "shoed" George Bush was given a three year jail sentence. I think he is lucky it wasn't harsher because no matter how we feel about GWB the office of the President if not the man deserves respect. So, all would be throwers who were entertaining thoughts of missile throwing a jail cell could be in your future. I don't think I should be worried about my Vincy people since their missile of choice is usually taking their grievances to the airwaves via the numerous talk shows.

On another note, the West Indies have actually won a series against England. I had to think hard to come up with the last time that happened since it is such a rarity.Then the Windwards Islands,perennial cellar dwellers are not only winning games but currently lie second in the points table. What a strange cricket season this is turning out to be!

This must be a dream,could somebody please pinch me.

you have to admit, the shoeing was pretty funny though... hehe...


*runs away laughing*
lmao--- everywhere I go and see a comment from Will leaves me more convinced that!

Windies thing had me smiling for a little while. Was nice to see the 'win' part of the name kick in...
congrats on the windwards win. hopefully they can pass jamaica now :-)
lol@will. The funny part was seeing GWB weaving and bobbing..didnt know he had it in him:)
Do I get to choose where to pinch? Heh heh heh!

Big up to the Windies!
As a somewhat new cricket fan, the windies win was indeed a pleasure to watch, although I got frustrated at various points during the match.. and they one the 1st one day too ... big up windies!
I vex say they give the man 3 years. Hmprh. If ever there is an injustice, that was it. Poor ting. I feel it for him.

Yay.. Windies!
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