Sunday, March 08, 2009


Happy Women's Day.

One in three women will be a victim of abuse. Sobering isn't it? On this International Women's Day my hope is for women to live in a world where abuse is not a common feature in our lives, where our right to say NO is respected and where social justice and equality between the sexes is a given.

It may sound like a big ask but I remain ever the dreamer. Happy Women's Day to all the fabulous women out there who keep the families together. Those of you who are struggling with various burdens,keep the faith and remember that this business of being a woman is not without joy.

PS: A gentle reminder to our men that violence is not the answer.

happy women's day! big up
Happy Women's Day! This isn't one of those holidays where we're forced to buy candies or flowers now is it?
More power to the Women. March is Womens health month.

No Chris floweres aren't required but they sure will add a nice touch to the women in your life.

She has me! She doesn't need flowers. She needs Zoloft.
@chris,you sure got the zoloft thing right:)
Oh thanks for the affirmation. Bless up right back at you!
Happy Women's Day Dhalling!

That's mental abuse. When oh when will we get a Man's Day to highlight the excessive abuse that me and my brothers put up with from you and the rest of your gender ;)
Happy Women's day. Hopefully the mental and physical abuse will trend down... hopefully.
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