Monday, February 09, 2009


Yes W.I Can

The spectator holding up the card that read "Yes W.I Can" caught my eye. At 26/7, there was no doubt that W.I would and in fine style as well. I sat there in disbelief-matched only by England's obvious bemusement as wicket after wicket fell. It must have been a mind numbing loss to a team that the media had hinted was using the Wisden series as "practice" for the upcoming Ashes.

I first had an inkling that something special was going to happen when the score was 11/2. Never in my wildest dreams did I think though that a lead of 74 runs was going to be enough for an innings defeat. However,the rampant Taylor and his supporting cast were intent on showing all the jaded people like myself that they could rise to the occasion. I entertained the possibility of England going under for 44 and Taylor racking up 7/11 or better. That would have gone a long way in correcting the indignity of England bowling out West Indies for 47 some 5 years ago at Sabina.

Nevertheless,there are 51 reasons for West Indian fans to be ecstatic and to hope for continued success. Meantime, my co workers are eagerly waiting to crow at my Doubting Thomas self.

amazing win. happy for them but still skeptical about them winning the series.
Like Jdid,I taking the wait and see approach. This here win was fantabulous, and a real booster shot in the ailing West-Indian cricket fan base. I hope it continues... Yes W.I can, lol!!
The way the West Indies play, I am happy for any win. I am celebrating each win and not going beyond it. I am thinking wininng by matches. I am afraid to look long term to a series.

Good for the guys
A wonderful win for W.I.
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