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Welcome back to the ARG

I am still a bit worried, however, about the wisdom of spending so much money on mere warm up games given the state of our economy, but that is what cynics/realists like myself do. We wonder if even in the long-run we will be able to recoup the costs or at least a significant part. $40 millon or $57 million ECD, depending on the source is an awful lot of money spent on a sport that seems to be in its death throes. In addition, Regional Limited Overs semis and final were played to virtually empty stands. I hope the legacy that we keep hearing about does not turn out to be just another legacy of debt.

The above is an excerpt from an article I wrote during the CWC excitement. Then, I was expressing concern about the monies spent/wasted on Arnos Vale Ground. Last week, I was shocked to hear that the new Sir Vivian Richards stadium in Antigua, built for the foolishness that was CWC 07 was destined to join the debt legacy band. What a colossal waste of time and money. Poor foolish governments who blindly and willingly went along for the ride are now facing reality head on.

Anyway, I am happy to see the return of the ARG to test cricket. ARG means so much to me as a person living in the sub region called the Organisation of the East Caribbean States. It was in 1981 after fifty three years of playing test cricket that the smaller islands were recognised by the WICBC as a worthy test venue. Antigua and the ARG rose to the occasion with King Viv delighting his subjects with a well played 114. Antigua and ARG's trail blazing days were not over yet as Chickie and his turn tables introduced a brand of entertaintment that others quickly followed. Who can forget the inimitable Gravy and his sidekick Mayfield?

I still remember running out from school and finding my self under Singer's gallery to watch Brian Lara erase Gary Sobers's 365 n.o. Ten years later, I watched from the comfort of my home as Lara again scaled mountains hitherto unconquered. As I write, I remember King Viv again treated his subjects to the fastest test ton back in 1985/86. How England must hate the ARG!

Nevermind England, Australia had the shock of their lives as West Indies played out of their skins to rack the biggest successful run chase ever in Test cricket. I still don't know why anybody would have wanted to close down the ARG, the home of such nostalgic moments. Here's to many happy more memories!

Leave all errors or stuff here..this was a quick idea and quicker writing.
Will cricket remain at ARG after this or will some more dollars to be pumped into the sand further up north?
Soulberry,I am not sure but heard rumblings that it may be over for North Sound as a cricket venue.We will see
Here's to happy memories and history lesson!!
I heard Michael Holding saying today that the reason why Antigua had to abandon the ARG for the WC was because the ICC had strict rules in regards to advertising etc. There could be no advertising withing certain distance of the stadium. The ARG which is downtown perhaps could not meet those standards so they opted for a new stadium.

That in itself seemed like a poor reason to abandon so much history. Surely something could have been worked out given the smallness of these islands.
Anon,that's my point. No consideration at all of the realities of the islands and zero attempt to compromise or work out something. Ah well.
CWC was the biggest waste of money. Bet all them regretting it now in this recession. My favorite ARG moment was Viv's fastest test century back in 86
I gave up on cricket a long time ago any memories of ARG. I agrre too, CWC was definitely a waste of money.
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