Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A rose for me

Today I went to a business place to do a business transaction. On my way back to work I had to pass my fruit vendor's stall. As I was passing by I noticed a rose on the stall so I slowed down to tease him about his extended Valentine' s celebration. To my great surprise he said the rose was for me.

"Me?" I spluttered. "Yes, it's for you my best customer," he said.

I walked back to work with a smile as wide as Rabacca River. Not only was it sooo good to be appreciated by the unlikeliest person but I felt thrilled to know we are still a loving people in SVG.


i could definitely see how that would make you feel like a dollar bread... :-)
A dllar bread?? LOL, Will, that's just hilarious.

But the gesture was very sweet. Certainly made me smile just eharing about it!
Will,you know it!

Ruthie,it's a popular vincy saying.lol
Abeni, ah may read it wrong... but me say ... you ah de rose and him ah de thorns... so the appreciation ah flow both ways cause both ah you need one ah nuddah... ah lethal combination that can bruk nuff man pocket pon special occassions... well me bad behave inner child does show up when ah ain't expect, so 'scuse dat bad manners

ah love dat bit bout yuh smile wide like Rabacca river!!!
which man dis is now?? tell him watch himself. dont let me have to come down there for him ;-)
Awww, that is so sweet! It's the most unexpected kind acts that really are the most touching. :)
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