Sunday, February 22, 2009


Congrats Fay Ann

For taking both the Groovy and Power Monarch titles in the International Soca Monarch. Congrats also to my Vincy duo of Skinny Fabulous and Zoelah who I think performed creditably. Actually, I thought Zoelah would be in top four but higher than fourth.

Anyway, I am still in awe that a heavily pregnant woman like Fay Ann could take the stage and still do her thing convincingly. I guess the debate will go on as to whether or not she was being foolhardy but she certainly proved that pregnancy is not an illness. Not that I am saying every pregnant woman should jump around Kingstown on Carnival Monday and Tuesday but that it is possible to enjoy life when pregnant.

Kudos to you Fay Ann.

how pregnant is she? i only watched a bit but she didnt seem to be doing anything too strenuous wining wise.
what kinda thing that was she was wearing though, i couldnt tell if red thing was de blouse or de skirt.
Jdid, It was a dress, gwad....with tights or pants...

Incredible performer, so much energy, She didn't really look preggers though...
CP and Jdid y'all need new eyes. She is 8 mths pregnant and nuff energy for real
Ah ketch her performance via de internet... ah tell yuh de "Posh and Becks" ah TnT got it going on good. The part of having the baby 'sing' was just the icing pon she cake. I listened to one of her interviews where she said that the doctor allowed her 45 minutes on stage for the night with specific break times to drink liquids. Plus hubby dearest - was the "father hawk" her term - back stage making sure she complied with the doctor's orders. Also SuperBlue was checking on her. She is no dumb person who would put her life at risk to do what she can do next year.

Yep, I am an Asylum fan. So I hope she cops the road march title too and just get the little one here, safe and healthy.....vmc
8mths damn, I need an eye check loL!
Radtid, so pregnant and a gwaan suh! Shi good and that baby going be very talented and energetic.
Well, its clear that she well pregnant to me from watching the video. Big up to her yes!
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