Sunday, February 01, 2009


clean up your act

PM Gonsalves is taking the heat in some quarters for some comments he made at meeting held with senior civil servants. The Ministry of Works got a scathing criticism for turning an apparent blind eye to the potholes in Kingstown as did the General Hospital for its untidiness,pilferage and other evils. It didn't take long for the airwaves to be flooded with irate callers angry with the PM for dumping on hard working civil servants.

I couldn't help but smile as I listened to persons build a defence for the civil servants. It appeared that suddenly the Civil service was a well oiled machinery which conducted its business swiftly. Teachers did an awesome job, likewise police officers. In short all was well with the world. Nevermind,that just a few short months ago,teachers were villains for daring to strike especially since they don't teach. As to the Civil service, public opinion has always made it seem that civil servants are time wasters and street walkers. Politicking is such a very funny thing.

By the way, if business continues as usual and the same faces keep their jobs despite the inefficiences then the public scolding would be laughable. Then again, I don't know that public servants get fired like those in the private sector. So was it just frustration on the PM's part or a gimmick? Politics, politics, I will never get it.

I am wondering why it took the PM so long to realize he has to call out the civil servants for the perceived inefficiencies. If there is a system of evaluating these employees maybe it should be revisited. If employees are evaluated as not meeting the minimum standards but they are not disciplined, well.... the blame rolls upwards. To be fair to the civil servants they work within an inefficient system .... too many people in a small space touching the same bit of paper and no value is added to the process
Politicking.. I dont get it either.
Anon..nuff finger pointing but nobody to take ultimate responsibility.Things will just continue as usual because as you rightly said the environment in which the service operates is outdated
Politics, nasty politics. Also the behavior of your society just show how fickle people are.
all you can do is sit and laugh at these things
This is completely off topic and I apologize for that.

I just wanted to get the word out to the CXC students in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that there was a CXC exam support website, available on the internet. is an open access site with no fees. Its focus is on providing CXC exam information and support for students who are preparing for the CXC English A and math exam.

I wanted to give the students here the tip since many students in the larger Caribbean islands are already on board.

I hope that 'Vincey' CXC students (and teachers) find this info helpful.
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