Saturday, February 28, 2009


Children are jewels

Once again children have perished in fires here in St Vincent. This time one year old Jerad Finch and three year old Kayla Sutherland are the latest victims. Unsursprisingly, the mother of the children has come under much fire from the society for being negligent. From reports in the media the 23 yr old woman left the children at home the Sunday evening(after asking a friend to have an eye on the kids) and had not returned up to the time of their death on Monday afternoon. This even after the friend/landlord had called to say he was leaving for work.

Since then she has been charged with manslaughter. Although,I know she has been terribly negligent I can't help but feel sorry for her. For the rest of her life I would imagine that she will live with the knowledge that her actions were responsible for her children's death. That is an enormous burden to carry to your grave.

I also have to ask myself where were the father/s in all of this. Too many fathers are MIA from their children's lives leaving mothers to struggle alone and make irresponsible decisions. They say it takes a village to raise a child but obviously the village and state failed as well. You can't tell me that everyone knew these children were often abandoned but yet no intervention happened. There is a state organisation specifically designed to investigates reports like these but they are denying having ever gotten reports. Someone is either lying or someone was tardy in their response.

Meantime innocents who didn't even ask to be here pay the ultimate price. I hope other mothers will learn from this incident and do not willingly endanger their children's lives. If parenthood is proving more than you can handle seek help. For Heaven's sakes abandoning your children is never an option!

This is a sad story. It is the worse scenario for a negligent parent. I am not sure if charging her with manslaughter is appropriate since I read that the source of the fire was electrical. Like you indicated, she has to live with this loss for the rest of her life. The reason(s) that led her to "begging ah lodging" should be addressed for her and the other single mothers in Vincentian society.... then again....
vmc(i prefer to say this instead of anon) if only those issues could be addressed but I won't hold my breath.
Sad sad sad... whenever I hear of children burning up in fires I think human sacrifice. It's just too sad.
It is indeed a sad story, but a very common one in Jamaica. I don't feel sorry for the mother, that is just pure negligence. The father of these children too is to be blamed. The government need to track down these deadbeat fathers and prosecute them and force them to support their children. It's unfortunate that children suffer such fate and these will not be the last.
when i saw this on the news the other night i almost cried... children are helpless and need our protection... not our negligence...

of course you know how the rumour mill works... i've heard that the father of one of the children wanted him... but the mother wouldn't let go... i've also heard that she has two other kids... as i said though, i heard all this through rumour, so it may not be true...
Sad either way,

From an outsiders perspective, I can't seem to find the necessary sympathy for a woman, who at the very least doesn't call to check in on the kids every couple of hours.

I fully understand someone needing a break, but regardless of a lack of a husband/father, you bought those kids in the world, at least care enough to check in on them....
What a horror story! How is a woman going to leave her one year old unattended that long?

Here in Jamaica a father recently deliberately set fire to his child presumably because the child left a rather battered old foot of shoes at school. He's been charged with attempted murder. One woman tied her baby to grill work at a cemetry while she attended a dance.

I'm saying, what something must be broken inside these people.

I'm not sure how if I feel anything but outrage towards this mother, although your point about lifelong guilt does make perfect sense.
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