Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Bailout time

The bailout has reached the Caribbean with the news on Monday that the CL Group/Clico is is trouble. Now, I am not an expert on financial matters but I know that I have a policy with CLICO which is supposed to bring me some financial "windfall". Apart from that, my medical health plan is linked to CLICO again and apparently our National Insurance Scheme has investments with them as well. Anybody who knows me would know how well acquainted I am with hospitals, doctors offices and the like so nobody better not be messing with my health insurance. Now,I have plans to live to recover my NIS pension and all the other available benefits i.e if CLICO's woes doesn't throw everything out of sync.

Yes,I am officially worried. Will somebody clear the air please?

i have some money with british american (subsidary of clico)...

i'm not certain about this, but i think we'll be ok if we don't panic - people panicking and taking away their money often precipitates a fall...

but the thing is, we just can't know - there's rumblings that Bdos clico is spread pretty thin financially too... rumour, but there ya go...

i just don't know...
These are worrying times to be sure. Just gotta keep the faith cause at this stage these financial issues are beyond our control.
when i was home christmas paying some insurance wid clico the rep tell me if i have any extra money invest, he wud tek as little an amount as 5,000 an guaranteed to grow. lol

i think i hiding my money under the matress. starting up a new bank called mattress savings and loans. you want to invest ? :-)
Amen Jdid, Amen!! I goin do the same thing m'self and spare meself them 'adult' [:)] worries...

lol, matress savings and loans... this one tek di cake!
Not panicking won't help.
If they're in trouble there'll be trouble.
The Government needs to learn about diversifying their assets.. I hope they didnt put a majority of there cash into Clico!!
So.. I guess the airport might get pushed back.
lol Jdid: Can i Be your Banks CFO?
get the most recent copy of their financial statements and we could start to decipher how numbers make sense in plain English. At a minimum, you will know who's first in line as creditors. Let's hope it doesn't come to that stage
I wish I could tell you some reassuring news, but I heard the same thing that CLICO is in trouble. These are indeed some troubling times. Seems i need to start my "Under the Mattress" bank too like Jdid.
@ anon,the financial statements seem as good a place as any.
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