Monday, January 26, 2009


Throw the book at the Rapists

Recently, a 67 year old man was sentenced to twelve(12) years for raping an eight year old girl. I wanted to blog about it but was just too disgusted to actually get around to it. Imagine my shock when I picked up a newspaper this weekend and read where some persons were upset about the sentence. Their concern was that the sentence was harsh given his age and ill health and therefore should have been given a ligher sentence.

The thing that makes my blood boil is that these predators still manage to arouse sympathy. No one seems to have remembered that he was not a first time offender or that the liar initially claimed the child had requested the sexual act. Most of all, it appears as if the rape is just worthy of a passing comment. Where is the concern for the child whose life has been shattered? Who cares about the damage that has been done to her psyche and more importantly who is willing to help repair it? Instead, persons worry about the predator dying in jail while an innocent dies every time her peers make fun of her misfortune.

Then you know that twelve years is not nearly enough. As far as I am concerned he has forfeited his right to be a part of society and his sentence should be such that ensures he will never walk out of jail. Let the courts speak loudly on behalf of all the little children whose voices are silenced by these criminals.

I am dumbfounded that 3 men raped a 12 year old and they were placed on bond. No 12 year old can agree to sex with anyone and it is in compliance with the law. Can our jurists send a clear and CONSISTENT message to men who have sex with minors.... let them know, you will be tried, convicted and put in jail and the key thrown into the Bequia Channel. I am not sure that what I think should be done to that 67 year old man is permissible by law. If putting these men away for an extended period of time will save the young girls, then spare no one. Also, for every underage pregnancy somebody must pay the penalty. If there's no room in the jail, then jusice in Heritage Square
For the past 2 years, crime against women and children has risen in little St Vincent. It's really sad that people will cry out for the predators and not the innocents. How many women and children have been raped but are afraid to speak out.
I think many in St Vincent have lost their compassionate nature and have chosen to accept injustice and corruption. What is happening in our little villages are happening in the office of high officials and work places.
Why aren't the mothers of our society coming together and speaking out against violence against women. It can happen to anyone... Are we waiting for it to happen to us or our children?
this is appalling... the little girl has the rest of her life ahead of her - and this monster has tainted it... forever...

he should rot in jail... 12 years too harsh??? sheesh...
@ Anon...I read that story and wondered about that bond. It reminded me of that Grenadian judge that gave a rapist a bond and went on to say teen mothers have no place in school.

@ lioness..too much silence while atrocities happen. Nuff fractured kids walking about.

@ will ..I say 30 minimum so we ensure he dies
For a man, especially that age, she should have received life in prison at hard labour, for that wicked act. As for the persons who were saying his sentence was harsh they should make him rape them and see if they will think the same.
Whole heartedly agree with Stunner....disgusting crime, ridiculous sentances...
Sadly, our islands are rife with the mentality that women (and young children) are useless, worthless objects, good only to be used and abused by men. What is even sadder is that we West Indian women are complicit in perpetrating that shameful mentality. It's not a big issue for law enforcement and the courts because we do not make it a big issue. It's awful to hear about this case but it is simply not uncommon.
I most certainly share your disgust and concern, Abeni. A rapist is a rapist is a rapist- 20 or 100!! ANd the full extent of the law should be meted out to him!

I support your points wholeheartedly!
What marvels me is that a lot of the time, rapists seem not to get more than a slap on the wrist. (* shakes head sadly *)
YY..even sadder is that some women and children think the same. I hear some things in the classroom that makes my heart heavy.

Yes MB,slap on the wrists most of the time.
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