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What's up with our Law and Order folks? All of a sudden it seems taking a photograph is a no no. Last year, the late lawyer Bertram Stapleton was upset with the print media for taking a photograph of his client as he exited the Court. If memory serves me right he advised his clients to mash up the cameras if any journalist wanted to take pictures.

I didn't understand the rationale then and to this day I still don't. Now, there is the incident where a journalist claimed the Police not only prevented him from taking photographs at the scene of a fire but also detained him for a couple hours at the CID.

Who knew that taking a photograph was or could be forbidden by law. If that were so then all those persons that take shots of Carnival revellers,the market scene etc would be severely restricted. After all, I have heard vendors expressing concern about what will have to their photographs when tourists leave our shores. Who is speaking for the disgruntled or is it only certain sectors that have a voice?

Journalists ought not to be subjected to such embarrassing situations. Like the police, they are doing a job with a readership to please. I find it extremely difficult to understand separating the journalist from the camera. It just seems like too much madness for my taste.

That is just an outrage!
they might be taking lessons from the bajan police who just arrested two media photographers trying to take pictures in the courtyard of a trial.
I was thinking the same thing Jdid. But the Bajans were tryiing to take photos of crooked cops. I guess a picture just isn't a picture anymore
I guess it's because the photograph could damage the clients reputation.
Year jus start and is like we SVG police looking fuh dunce cap award ah ready!! Is like dey in de papers fuh negative ting every time... now dem 'arrest' 2 years olds?
2 year olds got arrested? Lol,they must be pick up the parents and had no daycare for the babies:)
"arrest" 2 year olds?? What you talking bout?

Happy Nu year Abeni!
Happy Nu Year Ruthieeeeeeeeee...missed you lots
Yes, people get very upset when their picture is taken sometimes. This is especially true when they don't know the person. I often take pictures and I sometimes have to ask permission depending on the situation or whether I focusing on one subject. As for me, I don't see what the big deal is either, but...

Well, Happy New Year.
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