Monday, January 19, 2009


Inauguration Day

I wonder how many people will contract Obama fever tonight and be unable to go to work tomorrow. My bet is a sizable amount will be absent and those who show up will make sure that a television is not too far away. I still pinch myself to see if am dreaming and I suppose tomorrow I may have some wet eyes when the 44th president delivers his address. The truth is am apathetic about politics and politicians but the significance of this inauguration is not lost on me.

At this moment am thinking of all those black Americans who were treated as second class citizens and for whom this moment is extremely gratifying. It is something I simply cannot begin to understand. So, blessings and good will to Barack Obama on whose shoulders the world has placed the awesome responsibility of the hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. Walk good Obama, walk safe too

I agree wholeheartedly. I agree!! And I'm getting teary-eyed just seeing the numbers of people who have already braved the cold more than four hours before the inauguration, just to be there to see it live... something about the large numbers and the looks of expectation on their faces just moves me... standing out there in the cold waving hysterically at cameras and grinning like happy-go-lucky idiots... gosh I wish I was there to add my idiotic smile to theirs!!

And I am sooo looking forward to that speech!! I have exorbitantly high expectations: this one will be the one... the speech we've all been waiting for!!

Cheers!! And happy inauguration day!!
someone said its because i grew up in the caribbean and i'm accustomed to black leaders that i'm not feeling this as much as some other black folks. they may be correct.

i'm happy and i'll try to catch the inauguration at some point but right now i am not skipping work or watching streaming video or anything. just hoping the day goes well and he does his job
all my students keep asking me if we're having a half day to watch the thing...

i wonder how much of this is genuine interest in an historical event or simply the desire to skip class... hmmmm...
It seems everyone tuned in for this historical event.
I was tempted to turn up late for work myself, but practicality prevailed. I did try and try to get a video stream up on a computer on work but the thing kept freezing. So I missed the magic of the moment but I do have the acceptance speech to treasure.
Well I have been Obama watcing all weekend long, and still watching now. It was awesome, I just wish I was there ont he mall with the masses. Instead I went to school. The school district here allowed the teachers to turn on the TV's at 11 Am and we watched until about 1PM. The kids were more excited than anything I've ever seen. In one class they even stood and went through the motions of the anthem, the pledge and the prayers. It was truly a moment in history. One definitely for the record books.
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