Wednesday, January 21, 2009


GHS ,Yes we can

See My Alma Mater,GHS reacting to the 44th President. The girls made it all the way to the Situation Room and Wolf loved it.

wow... just... wow... :oD
they need dance moves ;-)
I'm impressed. Kudos to the management and students of some schools they don't even have a functioning TV set!
I seen it but I ain't believin' it.
yeah... abeni mus be beamin wit pride
Was it this school - St Vincent Girls' High School - whose student won the CXC short story award of the year 2008?
Yes it most certainly was. Go GHS:)

Oops,I forgot to hail out Denise Westfield on this blog.
It certainly was not CNN world when I was GHS.... but I owe everything I am today to that GHS education
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