Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes we should

Earlier today, the Vincentian court handed down the ultimate judgement on Stacy Wilson's killer. Death by hanging usually makes me squeamish and uncomfortable but in Sean Samuel's case it was welcomed with something akin to joy. Much later, I will probably get all analytic and say that capital punishment is not a deterrent and it won't bring back Stacy. However, at this moment I just want his date with the hangman to come as quickly as possible.

Looking at the news item tonight the condemned appeared astounded that he was given the death penalty. It was particularly pleasing to see the arrogance give way to some "whimpering and confusion" as he was lead back to the jail. I guess he somehow thought that publicly beheading a young woman gave him a ticket to get out of jail free or at least guarantee him psychiatric immunity. That surely explains the threats directed to the sitting Judge and the subsequent lunges in his direction which had the officers rushing to subdue him.

I can only hope he is a whimpering blubbering mass when he beholds the gallows. It seems only right that he feels some the fear and despair that his victim undoubtedly felt.

I completely agree. If only the Jamaican people were as resolute as the Vicentians.
I am glad that this aspect of justice was served. I just hope that there isn't a delay in the execution. It won't bring Stacy back, but he won't be left to get fat off the state serving a life sentence.
I agree with capital punishment in cases like these where the person clearly kills in front of several people and there is no shadow of a doubt.
As an atheist and a humanist, I follow a higher moral authority than religious people do.

Therefore I disagree wholeheartedly with capital punishment. Not because I don't think a murderer shouldn't be punished for taking a life, but because I believe that a society should act with a higher standard than an individual's desire for revenge.

No society should be called a civilization while premeditated murder is part of its order.
Revenge what?

It's a simple social contract that serves to increase the value of human life.

To call the death penalty murder is to erase the distinction between law and lawlessness.

Might as well call imprisonment "kidnapping"!
murder or not he deserves to hang. but ya know he will be on death row forever as amnesty and a bunch of other organizations appeal and appeal and appeal
when last y'all hang anybody
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