Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas

Blessings to all my Blogger friends. I trust you all have the Christmas of your desire and peace and happiness follow you for the rest of the year and beyond.

Love you guys and girls even Boston Chris:)

Merry Christmas Kami!
Merry Christmas and Blessings to you and yours Kamika
Hi there, Merry Christmas!

I hope you will get this post Abeni. Thought you would be able to possibly help me.

We are coming to SVG hopefully in May and I use a wheelchair to get around. We have been looking for a cab that has a ramp or a van. Do you know of any one who has a taxi like this? Or an idea of who we could contact?

Please email me at Thank you in advance.

Merry belated Christmas Kami!
I'm late, but just in time to send you hugs and stuff for the New Year!
Thanks everybody. Desiree, I will get on it for you and email you.
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