Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The joy of blogging

Ever so often some one leaves a note on the blog seeking some help on various matters. As silly as it may seem those little things excite and interest me a lot because it tells me I have a reach wider than I thought. For example,there was the Trinidadian student who despaired of ever passing Math and wanted some reassurance that he could make it. Then there are the non resident Vincentians who are seeking to reconnect and use the this site as a conduit.

It makes me question sometimes how critical should I be of things Vincentian. The intention is not to sugar coat issues on which I have a strong opinion but it makes me wonder how to present a creditable image of my homeland. I think the word I need to keep in the forefront would have to be balance. Get that right and my "problem" should be resolved.

Meantime,keep warming my heart with your queries and words of appreciation. It makes the blogging experience much more enjoyable.

Happy New Year Abeni! Looking forward to your posts in 2009 :)
lol,hope I don't disappoint.

Happy New Year to you too
Yeah, it's a good feeling when you can help out. Makes you feel like there's a community around your blog.
happy new year, all the best!

know what you mean about being critical. i've actually got a few critical bajan ones to post if i can retrieve them from my on the fritz computer
Happy New Year (belated)!

You're a Vincentian citizen and you have every right to be critical of (and to praise when the situation merits it) elements of your daily Vincy life and culture. Go ahead girl!
ah at last, I could find your post once again. You have few [url=http://tipswift.com]useful tips[/url] for my school project. This time, I won't forget to bookmark it. :)
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