Monday, December 08, 2008


Ah love me Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Yesterday, the Nine Mornings Festival was launched in Kingstown complete with floats and the like. Sorry, I don't have any pics to share just yet but if I do get any I wil surely post.

Apart from that,despite the tough economic times the streets of Kingstown are getting busier. Sweet parang ,string band and other types of sidewalk music put a pep in your step as you go about your business.

Western Union and Money Gram lines are getting a tad longer. Sorrel is everywhere you look at what vendors say is a bargain price. Lest I forget pigeon peas have also made their entrance but at a cost I consider too high. Nevertheless, despite my griping I know I would be forced to buy before they get even more pricey.

Business houses are flooding us with their Christmas specials. No down payment,pay in January, Christmas loans and the like. I detest LIME formerly known as Cable and Wireless but Lord knows I won't mind winning their 1 million USD jackpot. Err,I won't frown at Digicel's "Live free for one year" either.

And in the household of Abeni,big things are happening. The paint job got underway over the weekend and Santa has promised to do some drop offs later in the month. All it needs now is a salt ham boiling away on the stove.

Looks like the recession isn't making much of an impact down there. I think the Western Union people will be veerry disappointed.
Ah missing ah Vincy Christmas ah ready. Please don't mention sorrel, ginger beer or mauby
lol..ok I won't
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