Wednesday, December 31, 2008


26 memorable events of 2008

Australia's cricketing dominance came to an end with series defeats to India and the Republic of South Africa

Barack Obama took us on the ride of our lives en route to becoming the first black president of the USA

CMC to my dismay discontinues Headline News. Oh how I looked forward to seeing what was happening in the Caribbean.

Death comes to Haiti when a school collapses

Eartha Kitt,Santa's baby went to meet the ancestors

Fidel Castro steps down as Cuba's president

George Bush showed his agility in dodging a WMD in the form of a shoe missile. oh the ironies!

Hurricanes Gustave,Ike et al wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and beyond.

Israel launches its version of shock and awe on Gaza

Josef Fritzl's imprisonment and rape of his daughter sent shudders through me

Kenya's election woes leaves over one thousand dead

Lewis Hamilton drove his way to the top of the Formula 1 ratings

Mumbai held the world's attention as terrorists launched an attack on the Taj Mahal hotel.

Nargis,the deadly cyclone leaves thousands dead

Oil prices climbed to numbers no one thought was possible

Pirates made their presence felt by capturing an oil tanker off Somalia

Questions remain about rape charges brought against PM Gonsalves

Recession was the buzzword as big businesses and even Iceland's financial world came tumbling down

Sean Samuel was sentenced to death for hacking Stacy Wilson to death.

Three Jamaican women ran 1.2.3 in the 100 metres final at the Beijing Olympics

Usain Bolt took sprinting to another level in Beijing

Venus Williams wins Wimbledon

Wall Street showed it was made of straw

Xbox 360 forever

Yves St Laurent took his designs to another world

Zimbabwe continues its march towards becoming a failed state.

And best of all Abeni's neurologist confirmed she didn't have a brain tumor. Happy,Happy New year to all.

26 ... such a weird number ... but a great list! Happy New Year Abeni.
Wow. Your list is even more comprehensive than mine. Happy New Year!
That's a lot compared to my four in my post, but our lists have things in common. Have a wonderful year!
Wishing you the best for 2009!!Hopefully,this will be a better year than the expired 2008.Nuff respect!!
Thks y'all..CD,I was going for the ABC's of 08:)
I think I like the last one the best. Happy New Year. Hopefuly it's totally better than 2008.
So do I Scratchie,so do I
OMG! I'm so glad you don't have a brain tumor. :)

And yeah it was a crazy year around the world indeed.

I can still picture Usain Bolt sprinting. It just looked so effortless.
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