Sunday, October 26, 2008


Some Vincy moments since Independence

1. Rhode scholar...Luke Browne

2. Back to Back winners of Digicel Rising Stars

3. Jewels Rice from East Caribbean Flour Mills

4. Fourth most spectacular island paradise voted by Travel Channel

5. Fifth sexiest beach -Godahl Beach Canouan voted by Travel Channel

6. Different languages recored Beckett's Teaser

7. Wickets by Winston Davis set a then world record in the 1983 Cricket World Cup

8. Number 8 in Top 10 Caribbean Atlantic Islands of the Year

9. Nine ah we and dem launch Carolling at the Grammar school steps(87?)

10. Days in the June/July sun..that's Vincy Mas

11 Grade 1's by Kamal Wood top CXC performer in the Caribbean 04

12. Tribes of Judah representatives invited to tour Ethiopia with Pm Gonsalves

13. People including beauty Queen Donna Young die in a plane accident off Cane Garden Point

14. Th of March becomes National Heroes day

15. Year old Sophia Young leads SVG u15 team to a Caribbean title in 1989

16 .Vincy parrots bred in captivity to help their conservation

17 .Square miles of beautiful Grenadines

18 .Year old Kiokya Cruicksahnk sings her way to the top of the inaugural East Caribbean Rising Stars competion in05

19 .Year old Donna Young wins the inaugural Miss Carival

20.Yr old Luke Browne heads the Undergraduates Guild Cave Hill

21.Year old Sancho Lyttle picked fifth in WNBA draft

22. ND January no longer celebrated as the day Columbus discovered us

22 Year old Adonal Foyle picked seventh in NBA draft97

23. Year Old Kyron Baptiste successfully defends the Vincy crown in Rising Stars competition.

24 .Years of the National Lottery

25.Year old Halimah Deshong delivers Valedictory speech at Cave Hill

26 Varieties of mangoes in SVG :) October 1979,we became Independent

28.yr old Ken Browne the youngest Parliamentarian elected to office(1979)

29 .years of Indpendendence. We rock

Happy Independence SVG!

Ps..I had to stick in the Grenadines,just had to. Credit to Min Of Tourism for the idea and for numbers 6,7 and 24.

Allyuh getting old
Happy Independence.
Ineresting list. One correction though. Januaru 22 was cxelebrated as Discovery Day, NOT 23.
Oops,Thanks Numalali.Lemme try find something else
very very cool idea...


yay us...
if ya bad name the 26 varieties of mango now
J,me and a friend actually wrote down the names..will dig up di list:)
Hey that list is pretty impressive. I am smiling :)
nothing left to say but happy independence SVG
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