Monday, October 20, 2008


Signs of the times

Once upon a time the fowls in my neighbourhood crowed in the wee hours of the morning. As a child terrified of the dark,the crowing was a wonderful reassurance that darkness would soon lift and blessed light would flood the entire area. I can recall waking to what was in my child's mind the black of the night only to hear my granny say it was fore(sp)day morning. I always wondered how she knew but she would say "cock already crowing". Sure enough,the pale light of early dawn or dawn would soon trickle in the room.

Lately, I have been observing that the cocks are crowing as early as 9.55 p.m in some instances. Being the idle person that I can be I set out to observe these new age/dysfunctional fowl cocks. We observed that on some moonlit nights(close to full moon in particular)the fowl cocks would indeed crow;no doubt mistaking the moonlight for dawn. However, we observed some renegade cocks who are hell bent on crowing just for the heck of it. A case in point was last night as we sat watching Rising Stars only to have the 8 pm night punctuated with loud crowing.

Could it be that the cocks have morphed into guard dogs,crowing at the sight or sound of intruders? Or,have they realised their function as alarm clocks have been seriously eroded? Another Vincy saying,one that I recently heard is that the crowing is a sign of pregnancy. If only the fowl cocks could talk,eh.


i have indeed noticed the erratic cock crowing of late... hmmmm...
he he he it's global warming dat got dem confused :-))
I haven't noticed that change, but then again I can't recall the last time I saw one! I too remember when I used to get up too early and couldn't fall back asleep in the dark and the relief when the cocks started crowing and the sky getting lighter. All that is history now, living in the city.
simple solution. tek all dysfunctional fowl, chop off them neck an fricassee dem. i bet if them reaize is only early crowers that getting tek out they stop crowing at 9pm.
lol,Jdid that may just work. Aite will, good to see you noticed it too
Abeni, the same thing happening here, I was going to suggest the sae thing Capfyah did.
What dis world coming to eeh?

Did I tell you I left you a gift over at my place?
lol!! Erratic fowl crowing.. is true!! I agree with campfyah... global warming have them all confused
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