Sunday, October 05, 2008


OECS Rising Stars Year 4

Maybe,it is just me but am not feeling this year's Rising Stars competition. First up,the local leg was poorly handled. Noveecha James and Tonne Edwards were announced as winners of the local leg only to see Tamisha Nichols and another young lady in the newspapers being congratulated by Digicel as country winners. Despite the fact that people spent money on their favorites Digicel didn't see it fit to offer an explanation. At least they could have put a note on their newspaper ad explaining why there were now two different persons representing St Vincent. Way to go Digicel!

Even worse, one of the original picks learnt about the changes in the newspapers. According to her, a relative then called Digicel to enquire and was told the votes were wrongly tabulated. If true, how even more disrespectful of Digicel. Even though, I didn't cast a single vote I called the office for clarification but the person who answered was as much in the dark as were the callers.

Not a single text is leaving my phone this season. Treat patrons with a little respect and not as if they are incidental to the show. By the way, Vincie judges you can keep it real without throwing in humiliation,ok?

I caught a part of Sunday's show and was not impressed.
Hush. Our season is over and everybody's happy!!!
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