Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Indy parade

Yesterday, was our 29th Independence and like many Vincentians I tuned in to hear the Prime Minister's address and to watch the parade-if only to see the fainters. It has become a trend to have the Prime Minister announce some goodies during the Independence address such as Christmas bonuses and retroactive salary increases. This year,to my dismay there were no such announcements and to my ears the PM didn't sound like his usual ebullient self. I wonder if the two week strike action taken by the Teachers Union was a contributory factor but our Prime Minister says he doesn't hold grudges.

I found it odd that the Police Band chose to play a Jamaican reggae song for the march past. It's not that am hating on Serrani/o(sp) but when you are showcasing your country's independence then for chrissakes play something Vincentian. It's not too much to give the Zoelah's et al some recognition. We cannot be asked to show patriotism, dress ourselves and our public buildings in yellow, green and blue and then treat our musicians as secondary. We must do better.

Oh, how I've been wanting to visit. I've been trying to convince my dad for years to take a trip with me to SVG and show me his home. I guess I'll have to make a trip to SVG on my own!
Come on down. I'll show you around:)
Hehe, "if only to see the fainters"... very nice :)
Jamaican music to celebrate Vincentian independence, huh? Maybe they were trying to approach it from a Caribbean angle...? :)

And I really sympathise with all Caribbean heads of state in this time. No PM can be too happy with the world's economic state of affairs... just tonight my auntie was asking if MPs get any sleep.

Jamaican teachers just fought tooth and nail for an increase in pay. Lucky them actually got it!

Makes you wonder, though, why Caribbean countries under-appreciate teachers so?
We all are facing some seriously hard times now, so those days of bonuses and pleasant announcements are only cherished dreams. Why didn't you go see the parade first hand?
Hooray for the Jcan teachers.Ruthie

stunner,yuh dun know I lazy
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