Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I want to write about lighter things

I really want to write about lighter stuff but I just can't. Remember I recently wrote about a/the rapist striking again and this time wounding a man who was an occupant of the house? Since then,the man has since died and the girlfriend and alleged rape victim has been charged with his murder.

On one level,I feel relieved that my fears have been assuaged regarding safety but on another level I am filled with loathing at her alleged actions. While am not privy to all the reasons why he had to die I am certain there are other ways to resolve differences. Assuming this girl is guilty,she clearly had no idea the fear she triggered off in the hearts of many Vincentians regarding their personal safety. We empathised with her,only to later learn the joke was really upon us. For that,I say shame on her!

Was the alleged conspiracy to have him killed really worth it? Yes,he is gone but in exchange for her freedom and a baby now left without parents. What a high cost to exact! I am truly saddened.

damn, so ya mean it wasnt a rape after all, she an the other man kill the boyfriend. wow!
i think it's reprehensible that vincentians were made to feel a resurgance of the old fears as a result of this whole debacle...

i agree that it's getting increasingly difficult to find the lighter side of life these days...
Jdid,I haven't heard about any man being charged with her.

Will,so true but am looking:)
Saw her on the news. She didn't look a bit bothered. I will look for the bright side.
On a some what a lighter note what is going on with the teachers' strike. I thought one of the vincentian bloggers would be mentioning it. I would strike if I knew really what it is about.
ah wish de news coming out ah SVG couldah lighten me spirits since Wall Street dey pon ah fall down and crawl up mode. Is ah while since ah check yuh blog.... Good to see yuh still ah it.

Is it really the lady calling into the radio station forced the police to start an investigation that led to this young woman's arrest? I can't believe the police allowed this information about the 'rapist' being responsible to be put out as an official ststement and these law persons did not even leave the station house to do a lick of investigation. Way to go Vincy cops
Anon#1.. Like we fraid to tackle it or we don't have all the facts. I,for one want to say more than the teachers strike.

Anon#2..I heard about the lady calling in.Who knows with Vincy cops though eh?
That sound like a plot for a movie.

But at least the truth is out...
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