Sunday, October 12, 2008


And the rapes continue

Last night the news reported yet another rape but with a more sinister end. This time the rapist attacked the woman's boyfriend,reportedly dragged her to an abandoned house and raped her. All this while the couple's baby lay sleeping in its crib. Meantime, the injured man lies in the ICU fighting for his life.

This is so disturbing because there is a tendency to believe that there is safety in numbers. This rapist is making a mockery of everything we hold dear. What next should persons do? The rapes continue and the police are unable to apprehend the criminals which means people will be forced to take matters into their own hands. Given the number of illegal guns here; it is not farfetched to think that people will protect themselves by any means necessary.

I wish I could figure out what is fueling these rapes. My friend and I agree that there are some angry men walking around in St Vincent but couldn't be conclusive about the cause. I,for one would love to read the research findings if such a study were to be conducted.

Still,it's time for these rapes to stop. Just when I was lulled into a sense of security the uneasiness is once more taking centre stage. Judging from conversation with my female and male friends there are many uneasy heads trying to get a restful night. Something's gotta give.

yeah i'm totally flabbergasted by the state of affairs in this country...
This just makes me so angry! Living life in fear so that insecure psychopaths can go on power trips. Makes one wonder as to what extreme lengths are required to protect oneself, and to obtain peace of mind!
Consider this. The PM was accused of rape and he made a mockery of the justice system; when the World Bank reported that SVG was number 3 in the world in rapes per capita, the authorities scoffed at the report. Now, there is nothing but cynicism on this and similar issues in the country

Come on Abeni, we had a rally to celebrate a rape charge! What else do you expect?
Cue "Woke Up this morning". You gotta be more aware and don't leave your guard down one bit.
well after reading will's blog and then this i had to come to leave my comment. I lived with a woman in cane garden alone for two years. Not a night pass by that i felt truly safe, i am no longer there and i sleep much better. Honestly i hope this trend stops, if this continues to escalate i dont know what is expected of the regular joe.

i have to come back to vincy packing or what!
so horrible to have to be living in fear of being violated (well, actually, teh fact that you have to live in fear at all is a violation of yopur peace of mind, i think) because that's some psycho's idea of a good time...

In my prayers.
Sorry to hear all this is going down over there. :( I hope the cops catch the rapist(s) in a hurry.

Kami, you win the prize. Check back at my blog, see my comment and let me know...
In the news tonight some residents of a Montego Bay community chopped an alleged serial rapist to death. The police say they found the underwear of several of his victims in his possession. Residents of the communinty say that he was one of these types trying to pass HIV to as many women as possible.

Sorry to horrify you some more. It's bad here in Jamaica too, but I think it should be scarier on your tiny island to know that somebody like that is somewhere near.
get a gun girl
Jackie, if our rapist is caught by the public I can see his fate being similar.

Jdid,you mean two guns!

HB..You better believe it!
Every cry of rape is of great concern to me. I don't even go out at nights anymore just because it's just not safe anymore. With the rapes and murders against our children, I can only continue to pray for our little islands and hope for improvement.

I hope the police will catch the son of a bitch who raping women and punish him/them to the fullest extent of the law.
That sounds like the stuff horror movies are made of! It is frightening and sickening! I hope this rapist or these rapists can be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law (or citizen branded justice).
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