Tuesday, September 02, 2008


These professionals

I think there is something about me that attracts "professionals" gone wild. Some time ago, I blogged about a doctor who made me feel very uncomfortable during a breast examination and now the optician and hairdresser have joined the show.

During the eye examination and subsequent discussion the optician was acting all flirtatious. I easily deflected all conversation about him liking pretty and offers to call when it is time to pick up the glasses. Couple hours later I went back to collect and this time the flirtatious chatter had moved to actual touching. I have to wonder why men persist even when the object of their desire is clearly showing disinterest.

Later that same day,am at the hairdresser's and the chemical is burning the life out of me. I signalled the woman to wash out my hair only to be asked "if I not accustommed to feeling hotter pain that that". Some people have told me it was humourous but I definitely failed to see the humour since not only was my head on fire but she was showing a distinct reluctance to wash it out. It took me blowing my cool to get the matter taken care of. Apart from that,she isn't the regular person who deals with my hair so we have not built up any rapport that would lend itself to her idea of a joke. Guess who is not touching my head ever again.

Spare me lord from these "professionals"

My optician was hitting on me last time I went. It's not really what he said but he kept staring deeply into my eyes...
lol @ chris

look miss abeni, you just have to accept that you have the optician head turn. allya woman duz have man bazodee and pretend ya dont know how ya do it :-)
And Abeni, I dont think what the hairdresser said would be described as "hitting on you" or showing attraction, lol. But laawd, she musta been having a jolly happy day... Sorry, I find it very funny... lol
like everyone else - lol@chris... hehe...

but wait... what she mean by if you ever feel hotter pain than havin your hair burnt off your head???!!! is that supposed to be a sexual joke??? seriously... who the hell is this woman sleeping with???!!! and when last did she get checked for vd? that burning sensation is NOT normal...
That hairdresser sounds cruel. An' rude. An' crude. An' fiesty. An' like she shouldn't get any pay fi de abuse. Wha' kinda vendetta she got 'gainst yu hair!
Yes, I remember the Docta! And, maybe this is one scenario where..you just have IT! Lol...but, the gyal was out of order. Rude and out of order, and did deserve a good (hair)dressing down!
Great work!!!
No Ruthie,the hairdresser wasn't hitting. She is an example of me meeting up horrid people.

Will,you see it too. Some weird sexual joke eh. Of course I said NO and in mind said I never had a STD.

I am so not laughing at Chris:
I wish the dentist I went to when I just started working had hit on me, she was hot!

But it really seems that a lot of people do not have a clue of what professionalism.
Don't you just hate people like that. They should get an award for most unprofessional on the planet.
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