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Like most of us I have been fed a steady diet of American politics. I can rattle off so many things about Hillary, Obama, Mccain and Palin. In fact, I know more about them than my local representative and have certainly heard more from them than him.

Don't ask me about the EPA though unless you want the meaning of the acronym and some vague mumblings. I guess I could be proactive and do the finger work so I would at least be able to sound intelligent on things EPA. After all, based on the little I have heard there is no doubt that the EPA is going to affect us more than the US elections.

So how come there has been no media blitz to inform us about this new deal? I am not a radio person so it is possible there may have been some programming. I know for sure that there has been a dearth of information on the television. A daily two (2) minute slot just before the nightly news would have done a lot to get the message across. Until then, am off to educate myself. I need a new diet as my stomach is resisting the American political scene.

Hey Abeni,
I coordinated two workshops last year on the EPA. I have loads of information and the actual document that they signed on to last year. I can pass them on to you if you wish. you can also check out and for more information from a civil society perspective.
Oh cool.Thanks much
I have no idea what th EPA is, need to go research.
Lucky again to have great teachers... we were force-fed EPA detials because 'as young Caribbean journalists it was essential information'... so I could talk bout it with little bit o'sense. But I agree the wider public needs to be educated.

And we definitely need to hear more bout EPAs than American politics... my stomach resisting that diet long time!
I 'fraid of American politics, so though it gives me indigestion, I make sure and keep up.

We need more focused political campaigns to make people care about these issues. That's one reason why so many things escape our interest...
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