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Thanks to National Geographic and its series "Lockdown" I now have another person to worry about. I admit to being fascinated with prisons and their stories so much so that I have lost count of the number of times I watched Shawshank Redemption. Anyway,last night Nat'l Geo introduced me to inmate Donovan Green and his attempts to fit back into society after 14 years of incarceration.

I celebrated with him when he obtained his college degree and agonized when his job searches were fruitless. Even though I knew on some level that society is unforgiving to ex cons it was quite eye opening to see how would be employers used his past against him. Small wonder then that recidivism occurs so often since it is all too easy to fall back into bad ways. My guy,though dispirited had ignored the lure of the street up to the programme's conclusion.

Now,am busy wondering/worrying about whether or not he has landed a job or the street won. Maybe,am a bit of a bleeding heart but why can't we give a person who has paid his or her debt a second chance?

In today's job market it's difficult enough for people who didn't get convicted of any felonies to find work.
What Donovan Green did was wrong. He paid for his crime and he seems to be very determined to be successful outside the prison system. I am rooting for him. I like the guy. I have tried to find a way to contact him but have not been able to find any links or address. If I had written down the city and the names of his family I could find him but I don't remember those details. I wish him the best and would like to know how he is doing..

Tim Turner
Hey! You have to work to earn society's trust after you commit crime... That's part of the consequences for your bad decision: No crime would mean no time would mean no discrimination... see what I mean?

I not saying people should discriminate, and I not saying discrimination is justified, but I can understand why employers would be skeptical and judgemental bout ex-cons...
Hmm.. I dunno abeni. The nature of the crime would have a lot to do with my opinion of the criminal. Yes, society can be unforgiving to ex-convicts but hey - you do the crime you gotta pay the piper.

You raise a good point though - food for thought.
Best bet for an ex-con, start your own business. It's a sad reality but that's the way it is.
Yup,seems a business is the way to go but then where is the the start up money.
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so do you knw whats happening to him now
J.I got an update on Nat Geo site.

Since the making of this film, Donovon's managed to stay out of trouble, but is struggling financially. He's picked up temporary and day-labor work, but has not landed a steady job due to the rough economy and his ex-felon status. He's trying to do the best he can for his family, even as he struggles to establish himself. His brother James and sister LaToya remain out of jail. Donovon and Eva are doing well and he says he loves being a dad to her.

Donovon and his girlfriend LaTosha are proudly expecting a baby boy in December. He says the coming arrival of their new baby makes his search for a full-time, permanent job all the more urgent. Donovon is willing to relocate to work long, hard days. He says he's just looking for a break.
I agree. He seems so sincere now and wants to do good for himself and his family. I believe people deserve a second chance. People mess up, some worse than others, but does that have to mean that life is over...because you made a bad mistake? He didn't murder anyone. How can someone become a good member of society if we don't give them a chance. Too bad he was given a job, but lost it after a week because of a pay dispute. I wish him and his daughter the best. I hope he can overcome and succeed. He's trying so hard to change.
hey i can totally sympathise and understand this guys story . but im sure he doesnt need any sympathies , he is out there on a mission , im sure if he keeps tryin he will succeed
Just saw this re-run on NatGeo. Any updates on Donovan? (8/2/09)
Just watched Lockdown on Nation Geographic. I'm very impressed with Mr. Green. Brought tears to my eyes as he was reunited with his daughter and how proud she must be of her father who clearly shows he's trying to turn his life around.
I just watched Nat Geo with Donovan Green, and I am really hoping he get's a break. For those of you saying that he did the crime so he does the time, then what was his prison sentence for? Obviously it is in society's best interest to promote productive citizens, instead of spending tax dollars to lock them up. You can reach Donovan directly at I got that info off of Nat Geo website. It also has a brief update.
Hey dummy Donovan, you lost you job after a money dispute, I have lost lots of money in business. I guess your ghetto attitude was only worried about the money, good luck you typical nigga.
I agree. Start your own business is the BEST way. Why? Because you do not need to fill in an application. Find some business that is super easy to start. For example grass cutting, cleaning, powerwashing, etc, etc.
Hey Donovan, if you are reading any of these comments, please disregard what "anonymous" #2 said. He obviously has no empathy and is completely racist by his words. GO Donovan. Disprove all the skeptics. GOD bless and best of luck.
Just ignore racist Anonymous. People like that never have the guts to put their name and face beside their ignorant rants. It's clear they've got nothing constructive to say, and no desire for dialogue.
What a sick society we live in. The man rightfully pays his dues in jail for a crime he committed and comes out with the right attitude, only to have some idiot call him the "n" word. SICK! SICK! SICK!
Donovan, you look like your in great shape and seem to be very patient. My advice is I think you should become a Personal trainer. Print some free business cards at and charge really low rates so you can start getting some quick business. Good luck ! and wish you the best !
I saw Mr. Greene's documntry on Nat Geo n felt great empathy because besides myself, my entire family (4 members) r convicted felons. Mistakes made because like many in society, we were an uneducated, ignorant, economically deprived family. It was xtremely hard for my siblings to get a simple job as a ditch digger, but I also understand ppl. r afraid to take chances on a felon let alone a repeat felon. I am now a VERY successful business woman w/4business' n would love to give Mr. Greene n his family a once in a life time business opportunity. This is NOT a joke! I want nothing in return, but "pay it fwd!" n educate our future childrn of America. Pls contact me so we can talk...
thnk u
I watched the National Geographic episode of Lockdown regarding Donovan Green's struggle to get on his feet after being released from prison and was impressed with the determination he shows towards getting his life back on track. Someone who has come from his background and has done his time deserves a break to show him what it looks like to walk on the right path of life. If anyone knows where he is today and whether or not he now has a job I would be really interested to hear from you. I would love to be able to give him some support as it has to be incredibly hard to keep focussed on doing the right thing when doors are slamming in your face.

I have never walked the road he has travelled but I believe he is sincere about wanting to turn his life around and should be given the opportunity to see what leading a good life is about. It is all too easy to condem and criticise others for their mistakes. I would rather we take the time to find the good in each person and compliment them on the successes. In Donovan's case he deserves huge recognition for graduating and for persisting in looking to lead a good life.
Well done Donovan im sure if he realised that the majority of people who watched the programme are rooting for him to do well, that may not pay the bills, but should give him some pride in keeping on the straight and narrow,As other postees have said its apity we cant contact him directly.
I found an email for him on the National Geographic website
The guy who said he should be a personal trainer or start his own business was right. Donovan Green has 14 years experience as a convict. Google Danny Trejo(Desperado,Heat,From Dusk Til Dawn). He was an ex-con that was a consultant on movies and became an actor from his experience in prison. Donovan could make good money from his experience in jail as an advisor for movies and TV about how the prison system really works.
It's clear that Donovan Green has matured since the time he was a younger man engaged in the criminal lifestyle.

What struck me is his intelligence, his articulate expression of his own feelings and awareness of his own situation, and his obvious love for his family.

As a LEO, I know that we can get pretty cynical - after all, most people we deal with are not like present day Mr. Green.

I sincerely hope that he achieves his goal of making an honest living & supporting his family.
I just saw this episode and was very inspired by Donovan's story to stay on a positive path for himself, his daughter and his family.
I truly hope he has been able to remain focused and find work.
I would give him a chance in a heartbeat.
He deserves it.
Donovan Green, I would like to suggest to you as fasr as employment,,,
Red Cross offers classes as Instructors of CPR, You can be taught to give CPR CLASSS LARGE AND SMALL...
It is very important that people learn CPR and for people that have been certified to update their certifications, the market can be set by your efforts...I viewed your story this morning and I do know that you have the skills to market yourself if there is a void available...God bless my brother keep your head up..sometimes some of us need to bump our heads to wake up..we can make a choice to fight the fight on the outside and you have...freedom- is too rare to give it up to others that will tell you when to sleep, eat you know what time it is...Your time to shine..Get up and get it on for the Lord has gifted you with life,live and keep loving it...
Very impressed with this man. Shows us all the answer to ending any of our "dire" situations is to simply never stop striving....period. For thats what takes away the dire. Hope it all worked for him. Someone better of give him a job!
your a good man donovan we all make mistakes stay focused! you are blessed!
Donovan, hey I wish him the best, and I think he is truly trying to change his life. But one thing really bothers me about his decision making thought processes... He has not made very good choices in his life which landed him in prison in the first place and in his present situation. Now he gets his girlfriend pregnate!!! How is he going to take care of a child and himself, which is very expensive, when he can barely take care of himself?!?!?! I hope his girlfriend works for a living and can support all of them until Donovan can get on his feet. What I suspect though, they will be living on government entitlements, spending taxpayers money like tens of millions of loosers depending on the government!!!
Hey Donovan, Australia wishes you the best. Please do the right thing by your daughter. I have a gardening/caretaking job on Hamilton Island paying A$35 an hour.
God Supports Your Good Decisions.
I really was fighting for Mr. Greene during the film but loosing the earrings may have helped somewhat with the job prospects and he is struggling for work and to support himself why bring another life into the equation? Babies are expensive! Your Mother is overloaded already!
Hi im an australian and i watched u on an interview in prison and now when relised. i feel for you and your daughter. and if i could i would fly you here and help you.xoxoxox
If you are so sympathetic, then you offer him a job. If either you have the ability to offer him a job but don't offer it, you're just being hypocritical. If you don't have the ability to offer him a job, then you have no voice or say to dictate what employers must do.

Do the crime, pay the price.
I too am really pulling for Donovan, but I have to wonder what he's doing having a child?? I don't understand how that could happen when he can't support himself or his mate- Just makes no sense to me, but I do wish him the best and hope he finds work.
If any viewers have any job opportunities that they would like to forward to Donovon please e-mail him directly at
Wish the best for him.

This is what prison should do for a person. He seems to have matured.

He was a stupid kid when he got sent away,and he lost most of his young adult life as punishment. Losing 14 years of your life is pretty harsh, all the life events that happened that he never saw

Sadly, he has come out when jobs are hard to find.
I'd much rather hear about what this man does with his life than Paris Hilton and the rest.

And all you racist morons really need to crawl back under a rock, I'm about as white as possible (blond/blue) and that crap isn't cool.
I have seen the Donovon Grren episode MANY times, and each time, I CRY! I REALLY wish I could do something to help him! And as far as ALL the NEGATIVE, RACIST, DUMB people...Maybe IF Donovon had grown up in a "better neighborhood" or had opportunities to GO to college when he was young, he would have NEVER ended up in Prison. EVERYONE has to admit, that out of ALL the LOCKDOWN episodes, Donovon Green was the MOST SINCERE, and TRULY heartwrenching out of ALL the episodes. I hope that GOD reaches down, and blesses him! He HAS paid his debt to society. Why doesn't National Graphic pay him some money, since Donovon has CLEARLY affected, and Effected MANY people ACCROSS THE WORLD! I TRULY believe he is a GOOD man, with a GOOD heart, and PURE intentions! If he was in Michigan, I would take him in!
Hey donovan remember the lord never closes one door without open another. Ppl how have posted those harsh remarks don't understand life outside there box. Keep your head stay strong n never give up b proud that u r with your family n know that u will raise from this. N congrads on the baby. God bless u
I never watch these shows anymore but when i seen it was about someone just released and the struggles of re-entering society,i was intrigued.I instantly recognized Donovan. We weren't close friends but i knew the man enough to say whats up.Its been well over 14 yrs since i last seen him so I cant remember the origin of how I knew him.But I remember his smile.Donovan,I could tell you got a good heart, thats the thing i knew about you.They used to called me "Mint",now I just go by real name Yusef.I'm not an ex-con but I have my own troubles that I deal with till this day, the trick is the more stick to the plan the easier it will be to keep up.There will be set backs but if u keep your mind right eventually something goods gonna happen.It can be right around the corner.There's a lot of good advice that i've read.My advice on job search is to keep hitting the places youve already been to that are not hiring and they will not only begin to see your interest and persistance,but you'll develope a relationship that will keep u in thier minds when it comes time to hire.I would go back once a month, keep track of where you've been,jot down names. Idle times a killer,so this will keep you busy too.Use your personality,and SMILE,"perception is everything'.As soon as you smiled on the the show I knew it was you, and so will they.Good luck to you and god bless.
I have just finished watching Lockdown in Australia and was wondering if any one know any thing about him these days.

Although I have never been to prison,I have spent enough time in various county Jail that would equal a prison sentence.It has now been 12 yrs since Ive seen the inside of a cell and been drug free.My point is,if I can do it,anyone can! Keep your eyes on the prize Donovan!!
I too was rooting for Donovan until the last moments of the show ... did you all not see that it said that he lost his job after one week over a 'pay dispute'? what kind of man, after looking for a job for 91 days, quits his job over a dispute over a week's pay? he quit or he was FIRED due to an attitude problem. maybe he wasn't paid for the first week because he was being trained? some jobs do pay during training but many trades like construction do not. whatever way it went down that was a bonehead move dude and honestly it brings your credibility into question. if you can't hold your water over something like that, get all hotheaded and prideful and quit or get fired when it took you 91 days to get a job in the first place, i am sorry, but you are a fool.
I want to know how Donavon is holding up? I'm hoping he found a good paying job and I hope that he is finally getting to enjoy life and his family.
You ignorant people dont understand... the pay dispute is a dishonest employer that like to burn ex-cons for money, because they can. Alot of employers hire ex-cons for State or Govt funds or grants, programs, etc.. what they dont tell you is they pay substandard wages and burn ex-cons because its their word over the cons when a dispute occurs, 9 times out of 10 its the employer taking advantage of the cons situation by threatning to call the parole office or probation office if they give a kickback to the employer... do any of you people live in the real world or what???
Jimbear, I 2nd that!!!! WELL SAID!!!
How do any of you know exactly what "pay dispute" means?? It could very well have been on the part of the employer. Stop assuming.
I would like to give Mr. White a big hug!! Thank God for people like him that motivate and encourage others to believe in themselves. Mr. Green, you rock! You have natural likeability. You could easily do anything you choose. As far as discrimination goes, yes it's not easy to trust people with your livelihood. Employers have to be careful. I'm sure if you asked Mr. Green himself, if he had to leave his daughter each day in the care of someone else, would he overlook their background? I know he wouldn't chance it. Endless entrepreneurial opportunities though! Very inspiring.
Donovan, wish you the best of luck and hope the best for you and your family.Keep trying and staying humble and it will come to you homie!
If Donavan is still looking for work and wouldn't mind moving to the state of maine i am doing an Ebay business and need help badly. Please have him contact David at:

great story and would love to help him out.
what is the recent update on donovan?
Hey Bruz
This is not a black v white thing it's all about giving a man a 2nd chance leave the SORRY crap out of it and lose the chip on your shoulder
He moved into his own place with his daughter. He may not have a job but I'm sure he got some money for doing the show
He moved into his own place with his daughter. He may not have a job but I'm sure he got some money for doing the show
Were u there? Then stfu
Were u there? Then stfu
Unfortunately Mr Green was arrested for narcotics and parole violation on July 15, 2009 by LA Sheriff Dept. Sad.

I hope this last message was incorrect! Im from europe, holland 2be exact!I live alone with no kids and never went to jail and have a college this economy its even hard for me and people like me to get a normal paying job!
I dont think i would have the patience and the grace he had with the responsebility....rejection.....disspare...the thing is that in this kinda situations when you are always depending on the grace of others it can break a person down. I do not agree with breaking the law...but i dont know if put in his position i could carry myself that well...walk a mile in them shoes...i'm gonna be honest...i couldn't! So im still praying that he and his familly are doing well! Whatever god's plan for them is! Bless
I absolutely agree about bringing another life into the world but why worry when society will pick up the tab. That seems to be the mentality of today's world. In the end the baby ends up paying the price. Do not get me wrong, I also watched the show and was impressed. I have a family member who served time and he too had to get a job with another family member. It is hard but adding a baby to the already difficult situation is not the answer. I do wish Donovan and his family well and hope he finds a job and things start looking up for them.
mister Donovan green I'm proud of you and believe in you I myself am a felon and I believe that once we have paid our debt to society that we deserve the same opportunities as everybody else the sad thing is is that they want to stand on our necks even though we try to do our best sad thing is society as a whole doesn't care or doesn't understand until they themselves are on the other side of the fence
I watched "Lockdown" on Netflix and was quite moved by Donovon Green's plight. I see another person commented that he broke parole, however, I ran his name through California's Prison Registry and am not finding that Donovon actually did break his parole. I saw a blog @ donovongreen.wordpress also. It does not appear to be legit though. I am assuming that someone is using this man's name to most likely scam those who felt for Donovon.

I pray Mr. Green has found a job and congratulate him also on his son's birth! He's right outside L.A., I was thinking he could do many different businesses if he had the confidence. He sure seemed like a genuine, sincere, honest and confident man. He also has a good presence, where as he is reformed, he could do a lot with his life. Perhaps in a body guard position, owning a body building program, consulting on movies (as mentioned above) or even as a security guard who does not require a gun. He's a good looking man. I am also white, as fair as we get - I burn not tan, lol. I agree that the racist remarks are uncalled for. The remarks on living on tax payers dollars are wrong as well. I am well off and never required assistance nor have I ever been arrested. But that does not mean that I dont understand why assistance exists in the first place. If he needed it, then he, just like everyone else who has needs, should not be looked down on.

Donovon Green or any member of his family: There are many of us who were rooting for you while watching the show and would love to hear an update! You over came so many obstacles, we'd like to think, you are doing well now. Pls let us know.
Donavan!!!!!! Stick your chest out, be proud of what you've accomplished, and be confident that those who may reject your job applications themselves have never had to endure the struggles you have! So you are more adept to hiring them. So put your mind to work and start doing something, anything productive in society. Pick up a broom, a Lawnmower, winded and some paper towels and start working. Work more than what you are paid for, the money shall come. Weather you choose to succeed or to fail, it will have been your choice homy. I'm out...
I watched this show when it first aired some years ago and again today. I hope all went well for Donovan and his family. I hope he found a job that is a good fit for him. Good Job Sir.!!
Hope hes home with his lovely daughter
Hope you home taking care of your lovely daughter and teaching the young how to stay free of jails

Hope hes home with his lovely daughter
He was arrested on July 4th 2012 for armed robbery causing bodily injury. Sad.
Does anyone have an update, i understand it has been a few years but ive just watched this 12/09/2013 in Australia and it would be nice to hear he has succeeded and proven every negative person wrong. If anyone has an update feel free to email me
Mr. Green I hope u and your siblings are doing better. You made mistakes, you paid your debts to society, now its time to be civilized and compassionate. I call you Mr. Green because you are not old, but older and wiser, and that counts. Please give your followers an update, just stated you are o.k., cause you are one that many are rooting for. God Bless your mom for remaining in your corner. She knew you did wrong, but didn't give up on a turnaround. For every neg.comment made just know its positive comments too. P.S. u should look into settling down because u r one fine piece of chocolate. : )). God Bless. Give update. U don't have to say much, but want to know everything is OK.
This show mad me feel very bad for released convicts and for those who don't realize there is another path that can be taken in life to avoid the criminal lifestyle. It made me wish I had taken a career path to help these individuals. I was out of work in 2008 & it took 3 years for me to find a job and I am experienced and educated. I hope he didnt go back to prison.

Good afternoon to everyone following this blog. I left my contact information in a message to Mr. Green's yahoo address approximately six weeks ago. I'm not sure of the nature of the 'pay dispute', but I am sure a man as desperate for work as Mr. Green would not simply leave something for nothing. How the man conducts his personal affairs is his personal business, a fact he most likely appreciates more than ever. However, bringing babies into the world with absolutely no clue as to where the next paycheck is coming coming from is borderline insanity. At any rate, I'm not blogging to discuss dumb decisions. I'm responsible for some classics. I would like to re-extend my offer of employment to him. It involves relocating to Jacksonville, Florida, but the pay is well above average, steady, and there is plenty of overtime. There is no selling or soliciting of any type, either. I work with the city to hire people with troubled backgrounds. To date, there is no one on my payroll with anything worse than a felony DUI on the books (one of my top three employees), but I'm willing to give Mr. Green an opportunity. I'm willing to cover his travel expenses, and can help him acquire housing. I'm sure many employers simply frown upon and discriminate against ex-convicts. These same people discriminate against women, gay individuals, minorities, the handicapped- the list is endless. Give them a reason, and they'll discriminate. In some cases however, the company's hands are tied by what their insurance company dictates. There have been too many instances where people have been attacked, stabbed, even snuffed out in the workplace by someone with an assault or battery charge. Add to that the things Homeland Security has thrown into the mix in recent years, and there we have it. Susie Homemaker gets turned down for the customer service job because a twenty dollar check she wrote 15 years ago was returned NSF. It's happening as I type. I will try his yahoo address one more time. In the meantime, if anyone of you has better luck, please have him call DA3RCreative, Inc. at 888-840-2028. My name is D, and I'm the owner. As for anyone else who may be experiencing similar challenges, you're not done until you're dead or decide to give up. Thanks.
Tim, I watched it today and he lives in Palmdale CA. Its about an hour from LA. I do think that if you contact national geographic, they can let him know that you're trying to get ahold of him and perhaps he can get a hold of you. Maybe through Facebook or another. I too was torn by his story and wish there was something I could do for him and his daughter. The last thing he needs is to lose faith and go back to crime and where the money is at. I hope I helped a bit. Be safe and happy dreaming!
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