Friday, September 05, 2008


A Fitter SVG

The Wellness Revolution will be officially launched tomorrow at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex. I suppose in keeping with the spirit I should really be making resolutions if I am to enlist in the army. However, exercise is a bad word to my ears and the word gym is an even worse one. I console myself by saying the elders never went to any gym or counted calories while conveniently ignoring that their lives were more active than mine.

Green leafy vegetables are pure evil so am ruling them out as well. Okay,if you twist my arms I will grudgingly eat a few and some carrots for good measure. Soft drinks,fudge,tamarind balls and the like are really very good friends of mine that I would hate to see less of. It looks like I really have to avoid this draft or be doomed to a live of suffering. Hmmmm,wonders to self if cruel and unusual punishment be a good enough defence.

In case y'all are thinking am real terrible there is a little redemption coming. I eat fish and lots of it too. In fact, am writing this blog after coming home from Fish Fest so at least am doing something right. Hooray for me!

Serioulsy though, am wishing the Revolution success despite the monetary constraints associated with eating well. Here's to a meaner,leaner SVG. I, of course will watch from the sidelines and report:)

Leaner? Kami? Suppose yu see how ah get chubby (read FAT) since mi pregnancy. Send your extra lean-ness in this direction, mi dear, hubby says "curvy" but ah feel FAT. Green leafy veggies are nice, just not by demselves.
Mel,I believe your husband that it is curvy and not chubby or fat:)
chubby or curvy dont mean unfit and slim naa mean fit
Well I had to remind my badminton coach recently that "round" is in fact a shape :S He would have none of it though. He keeps saying we have to get into shape.
lol@scratchie... of course round is a shape!

Abeni, you have my full approval for the tamarind balls!! Send some of those my way anyday... love em!
This comment has been removed by the author. I get older and the ol' metabolism get buss up, I can no longer maintain the pizza and pepsi diet, and I notice the difference now. So, I am gymming it at 5:00 each morning, and cutting back on the good stuff. Lawd, I miss them so!!

For me, its cheaper to try and maintain. I aint gots no money to buy a new wardrobe.
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