Tuesday, September 09, 2008


and now the education revolution

Over 7 million dollars spent on scholarships for thirty three students. These include the national scholars, exhibition and bursary winners plus the 9 scholarships allocated to teachers or aspiring teachers. I hope I got all the information correct but I do know this is a record breaking number of awards given by the authorities. Looks like the Ministry of Education was correct when they said the A level results were very good with the science students redeeming themselves.

This is one revolution that will get my full support especially when I watch the youths fighting and dying in senseless turf wars. As cliched as it may sound education is still the way out of poverty and a vehicle to better conflict resolution. More than ever we need a well trained workforce equipped to handle the challenges of today's world. It is inevitable that the brain drain factor will take away many of our best but some will stay.

Congrats to the Government for the foresight. Long may they provide avenues for students to improve their lot.

thats excellent. good to see them make that commitment
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i think we're making strides...
Sounds like a good move for education! Wait how much yuh get? lol.
Lets hope the US is taking note. We desperately need a change in our educational system!
that's fantastic!
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