Thursday, August 14, 2008


Too ugly to sing

Imagine being seven years old and with the ability to sing like an angel. Imagine the preparations and the excitement when you realise you are chosen to sing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Then, at the last moment you are withdrawn because the authorities have decided you are just not pretty enough for primetime.

You would almost think the child was auditioning for Miss China kids since "beauty" was the issue. Instead, the child was discarded because she did not fit the image that China considers perfect. How messed up is that! Note to self: I must pay close attention to the Chinese athletes to see how perfect they all are.

I hope the little girl's self esteem is not irreparably damaged. Too many wounded children are already walking around all because of the calloussness and indifference of adults who should know better. It is true that the world judges on beauty. Little Yang Peiyi(who by the way is not ugly) as she grew would have discovered this but to shatter her innocence like this is just plain wrong.

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was going to post on this today but didnt. this is pretty crazy.
As they becomes more Americanized -- oops, "liberated" -- they'll prob'ly just put a fit-de-image girl up there to lip-sync, along wid de "plain" girl's voice.
yeah, china's really effed up for this one. i heard the story on the news and couldn't believe it.
China in search of the perfect image...LOL

Why no post Jdid?
This is just messed up... rilly rilly reeeely messed up, cause 1. it's a kid, 2. it's not a beauty contest, and 3. the 'real' singer was actually cute!
For some reason, with all of China's atrocities and what is going on in the wester world in a bid to promote 'image' and beauty, this did not really affect me. Just another drop in the bucket. But, the US media need to get offa their high-indignant-horse 'bout the matter, for frankly, they are no better.

Everything preaches image to young chillun with regard to US marketing, promoting the blonde hair blue eyes as ideals with barbie dolls, etc. Maybe the Chinese are not as hypocritical about it...
What's a "chillun"?
That is just plain wrong and indeed an action of callousness on the part of the Chinese officials!
I agree, this is sort of low. @ chris, look it up. Google is your friend.
Can we blame the Chinese for going to the extreme to prsent a good face to a hypercritical and hypocrital world?

No results found for chillen.

And google was no help either. Any other ideas genius?
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