Sunday, August 10, 2008


Those goodbyes

Tuesday night,I learnt of the death of a close friend and since then I have been out of sorts. It is easy to say "God knows best","They are gone to better place", They are out of pain" and all the other consoling words but still there is the dreadful finality of death to deal with.

Despite our knowing that death is inevitable and we can literally be here today and gone tomorrow it still takes much adjusting to. It's a bit sobering given that I have lost another close friend recently so it feels as if death is picking us off one by one. As another friend remarked,"we just have to appreciate one another more since we never know who is next".

To borrow a line from Fro....On that melancholy note,I take my exit.

i am so sorry for your loss...

i lost two close friends last year - it is never easy...
very sorry to hear about your loss. all you can do is hold on
pastor said yesterday dont pray for lighter burdens pray for stronger shoulders
Sigh...never comes when you expect it, and if you did expect it, can never cope the same. Death. Lawd. I 'fraid a it. Just keep loving and living, that's all one can do.

And you tek as much as you want, and I hope you feel better soon... ; )
Sympathies. Life and death are closely intertwined, While death is inevitable, accepting it is a challenge. This too you will survive
Jdid's statement 'bout stronger shoulders is a strong raahtid statement. Whole dif'rent spin pon weightliftin', eh, Kam. Hush, mi dear. Hugs )(
Thanks y'all...Big statement that Jdiddy
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