Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Oh for 20 20 vision

Choosing a pair of glasses can be a nightmare. Today, I strolled into the optician's office expecting to identify a pair I liked in about 10 mins max. Of course, I had already convinced myself that I knew exactly what I wanted hence it would be a stroll in the park. Was I ever wrong! from the moment I placed the first pair on my face it was the cue for all the persons in the office to start a running commentary.

No,that one is not you.

Try this.

Not enough edge.

That one doesn't bring out your beauty.

Oooh nice,but too blingy.

No,that one makes you look like my grandmother.

Perrrrfect...brings out the real you.

By now, I have tried on much more than I bargained for and the ones that got the rave reviews did nothing for me and vice versa. At the end of it all I still don't have a new pair of glasses and sometime soon I must go through the procedure all over again. There's nothing like a couple of fellow shoppers and one assistant to shatter one's confidence. I just wish I had eaten my vegetables.

lol... poor ting... i get the same way when i'm buying sunglasses...

go with what you like... when you think about it, what qualifies fellow shoppers to tell you what looks good??? even sales people have their little biases...

so yeah... go with what you like...

and eat more carrots... :-P
Two words for you.

Con tacts.
Chris,one sentence for you....Will you buy them:)

So true Will, but can't promise to eat any more carrots:)
PBS TV says carrots-for-better-eyesight was media propoganda durin' war time, an' that they're no better than any other similar vegetable. Salespersons at de optician are fierce -- ah ignore dem.
I know all too well what you are talking about. Went through something similar, only difference is that I had someone with me to help.
I hate glasses. I only wear them when I have to... I'm not sure why but they just annoy me.
take someone with you to officially help. dont think i've ever picked out glasses by myself always took someone just for a second opinion if not you get those unwanted opinion people harassing ya.
I doh like salepeople biddering me at all when I am shopping, so I cut them off one time. Cold and to the quick, and take my time to make my selection, to find something that makes ME happy and comfortable. Any regrets are mine and mine alone, and will not be attributed to "i should not have listened to so and so...". Tek yu time, and try the dismissive 'Just looking' technique....
Chris,one sentence for you....Will you buy them:)

Absolutely! But, since I'm buying, I'm just gonna get you the red colored ones ;)
Lenses or laser eye surgey, rememdies the lack of veggies and unwanted comments..
the first pair i got at age 11 were pink and plastic...nuff said.

i've had people recently recommend green plastic frames!!!???

i say get a simple pair, semi-rimmed is always classy and get contacts so you can go without sometimes.
now you know why some people just run with some contacts
lol,they are already red..blue perhaps?

I would love some contacts..hate glasses on evenings out:)
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