Thursday, August 28, 2008


News from Carifesta

Remember when I blogged about the late Dr Bernard Marshall's book launch in St Vincent? You don't? Well, the book is Slavery, Law & Society in the British Windward Islands 1763-1823: A Comparative Study and it was part of St Vincent's literary display at Carifesta.

Due to the exposure the book will be translated in Spanish and used in Cuba.I think this is just fantastic but then I did say am a nerd so bear with me. Also ,it is soo good to be writing a positive post about St Vincent given the grimness that surrounds us. It's a pity the author didn't live to see his work bloom but he left a gem that will live on.

I started redaing that book a few moths ago. I ahve since put it down. Your post has motivated me to pick it up again and complete it!
Those damn typos!

I started reading that book a few months ago. Your post has motivated me to pick it up again and complete it!
that's great news!

i have yet to read this... but i def will...
Is not that how it always works...takes death for valuable work to be recognised and ascend in price...
Yes I do remember :p! That's good news though!
Ah haven't read that book -- goin' to look it up.
looks interesting
glad to hear the good news...
Hey Girl. It is great news hearing that. I have read that book and it has whetted my appetite for more Vincy history. Marshall's book is a great way of learning about the windward islands, but especially about vincy. wonder if they would put it on the secondary schools' syllabus...
How are you doing Empath? Hang in there
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