Monday, August 25, 2008


It's tough being a woman

A serial rapist is terrorising the women of St Vincent and the Grenadines. I listened with horror as a Police Inspector (via the evening news) reported that 12 women in the Calliaqua and surrounding areas have so far been victims. As part of the broadcast he gave some welcomed tips on how to secure one's self from harm.

Since then,I have been very uneasy about the whole scenario. I am not comforted that the rapes are taking place in area where I do not live as St Vincent is a very small island with not much distance to cover. Tuesday night,I was home alone and around 11.45 I heard some pounding sounds coming from the laundry room area. I immediately rang my neighbour who came over to investigate and found nothing wrong. I felt a bit stupid to have called them out on a wild goose chase but they reassured me that it was no trouble at all.

I have now developed an intense hatred for the rapist or rapists who have turned women into prisoners in their own homes. I hate the jumpy person I have become; seeing danger in every corner. I hate the restless sleep that is now a feature of my life and causes me to be perpetually tired. I hate constantly planning escape routes should this rapist invade my space. Is it too much to want my life back?

no it isnt. stay safe sis
It certaily isn't. I got goosebumps reading that post and I'm not even that close to SVG. You just be careful and be on your guard...
Good that yu call dem over an' they say it's safe. Good neighbours yu got. Self-defence class was what ah hear de J'can media advocatin' for females. Tek care.
I can understand how scary that would be. Try to be careful and wary of your surroundings! Good thing you have nice neighbors.
Wow, that's a creepy situation. I hope they catch him really soon. Stay safe!
That is incredibly horrible, and dont feel any way about erring on the side of caution. Maybe you should also have another contingency method to contact you neighbour as well, other than the telephone. And, buy some mace or walk with a small weapon as well.
I feel your pain and I understand your angst. I hope to God that whenever they catch this individual he does not make it to trial. We have to make him an example of "Community justice".

In the meantime take care my sister.
so many women feel unsafe because of this spate of rapes... rumour has it that this is one of the reasons the med school pulled out...

i hope whoever is doing this is caught soon... i have too many womenfolk living in that area...
Lordee Kami, settle yuh nerves and don't forget to walk with a little pepper spray or good old fashioned clorox in a tube. It's sad that a woman have to be aprisioner in her ownself because of some selfish bastard. Stay safe my girl
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