Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hey Global Voices

I am so thrilled you picked up another Vincy voice in Will of Lullabies,Fairytales etc. How come his voice is not on the Vincy page but on the Trini and Indian? I figure it is an oversight,hence the friendly reminder:)

I fixed it. Thanks for pointing out the slip!
ya sure he aint bajan :-)
lol. No, Trini and 'she'—it was the last post at the end of a crazy day. Apologies to SVG, again.
SVG sez thanks:)
yuh eye sharp girl!
Global Voices. My blog was part of that...once.
lol... thanks abeni... have to mek sure we representin, right??? :-P

wow... global voices eh... hmmm...
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