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Today, I went to GHS graduation and I was totally jealous. Back in my day we had no yearbooks,no scrolls in a lovely folder,no passing of knowledge torch and certainly no specially chosen song as each form made its entrance. Let me not even talk about Young leaders and all those other activities that are part and parcel of present day life.

As always, it is nostalgic being a part of any GHS function. So many memories,mostly happy, so many lessons academic or otherwise such as don't walk on the grass and never settle for mediocrity. The thrill of graduating,anticipating the ball,nervously looking forward to CXC results and the uncertainty of life without GHS. Many years later you look back and realise that those years were so special and life was so uncomplicated although back then every little hurt was magnified.

On another note: RIP Jennlyn Black, gone much too soon

Doh be jealous...those young whippersnappers with their scrolls and yearbooks, going be looking back years from now, and griping 'bout how they nevah have something too! Its a circular world.
Well we didn't have yearbooks but we had autograph books. I still have mine. I have two: one was for teachers and one for students...'cause teachers could be very curious...;)
Must say I don't miss GHS much though. Was ready to move on to move on.
And R.I.P Jeny.
Ha. Haven't been to a recent graduation at my high school. I wonder if they have anything new? Sorry about the loss of your friend Jenny.
in Barbados I noticed the amount of publicity the 11plus results get. day after day reports on primary school graduations and the top students. In my day you just heard who got the top in the island and that was it. Now graduation is a whole business and nuff money spending
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