Monday, July 21, 2008


Bus snobbery

Somewhere along the line, I have become a bus(public transport) snob. Back in the day, the most popular vans i.e those that had a nice sound system, rims etc were the choice for any self respecting student. Those days were fun,piling into a minibus and asking the ever obliging driver to turn up the music while you engaged in non stop chatter with your entourage. Now, whenever I have to take public transport all the things that once were part of the enjoyable bus experience irritate me.

I chafe everytime the bus stops to pick up passengers especially when said passengers have not indicated an interest in taking said bus. The loud music now gets on my last nerve and the sardine tin experience now seems so confining. I am not even going to talk about the Lewis Hamilton type driving which once upon a time was proof of how skilled 'your bus driver" was. The ride home now seems so much longer and arriving at your destination is met with a huge sigh of relief.

Would you believe I used to think cars were sterile? Now, I can't get enough of them, I conclude that I am getting old.

Thank you. That took me down memory lane. Other things that were fun for me back in the day that now irk me to no end on the bus:

1. The driver squeezing me in even when everyone knows there is no room.

2. The mad dash for the bus when it pulls up at the "terminal".
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Yeah,revo them things too. You know how the conductors love to crowd you as well in an attempt to get you in thie van.
yep old ...and elitist

wow... i don't think i can even remember what it's like to take a van... ever since i got my license i been a driver... old indeed...

i used catch "mark" and "general" most frequently... lol... those were my hot vans... esp since my uncle owned general...
you're not getting old. you're getting better :-)
When I was going to school in Jamaica, I have had some bus experiences that have forever scarred me. I used to be a dainty and delicate creature, but eventually getting smooshed, pushed, trampled on, elbowed, stink armpits shoved in my face, and pushed aside by little ol' ladies and pregnant women. Eventually, I fought back and started to kick, push, punch, bite, and fight my way onto those busses. No ol' biddie or big belly 'oman was tekkin my spot!

Now, I would die if I have to take a bus. I have paid my dues, and I aint gots no money left.

Oh, are gettin' old. There, there...
Bwoy, mi still a tek the transportation a di proletariatwhen mi nah ride mi scooter or drive mi car.Mi experience pon di bus and di minibus dem dread.As a matter of fact mi tink sey wi ancestors dem experience from Africa to the Caribbean, di so called Middle Passage was extremely rough, but fi travel pon di minibus dem inna Jamaica may be somewhat similar to di Middle Passage.Sistren, di bus dem cork to the max.A minibus wey mek fi hol ten, the ductor and the ductress dem pak it wid 25 to 30 people plus dem still a tell yuh fi small up yuh self,a big man like me caan small up miself.A public transportation a dweet fi hol heap a wi.Di gas price dread and mi caan ride di scooter go everywey an mi only drive mi car pon Sundays.Di bus ting ya hard but wey fi do.Even di route taxi dem pak.Respectsistren!!
had to take the bus from windward every day to get to school.. worse thing, getting there last and had to ride on that back rest!!!
I had a taste of the Jcan bus experience and al I can say is Wow.
I will be walking yeah. Mos def. Can't get sqeezed walking and the exercise is good. Yep Yep.
Dont necessarily think yuh getin old.. I not too into the bus scene anymore, and I NOT OLD.. dare anybaddy to tell me that!! What is hapnin, missis, is that yuh gettin more 'cultured', yes? :-D
Yes Ruth, cultured I can live with:)
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