Saturday, June 14, 2008


Public Service Announcements



I have recently discovered these Vincy bloggers and it feels good having them around. Y'all are ordered to show them some love,okay.

Best of luck to Vincy Heat tomorrow as they take on Canada in WOrld CUp Qualifiers. Something tells me we will need every bit of it.

Go Canada! Ooops, sorry, that's my patriotic side taking charge.
lol,your team beat us 3 nil.

thx for pimpin me out... :-)

i been reading your blog for a few weeks now actually...

thanks for the welcome...
didnt know about will but will definetly check him out. more vincy blogs is a good thing
Aww....(grins) Many thanks Abeni.
Wohho Vincy Bloggers.

And Gooooooo Canada......
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