Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Not so lovely cricket

Earlier today,I watched the West Indies lose vs Australia at Arnos Vale. It always seems strange when the West Indies lose in St Vincent given that Arnos Vale is a happy hunting ground for the team. On my way to the ground, the traffic build up reminded me why I had stopped going to Arnos Vale. From Casson Hill to the ticket booth took me 50 uncomfortable minutes and of course thoughts of the return leg weighed heavily on my mind.

Unfortunately,the game was marred by a bottle throwing incident when the crowd reacted to Sammy's dismissal. I sat there and thought how very wrong it was but wasn't surprised given the lawlessness of our society. Sadly, the bottom line is we seem bent on using violence to resolve any situation. We await the fallout from the incident with many thinking SVG will not see another ODI for years to come.

Meantime,am nursing the after effects of too much food and drinks. Food,drinks and good company are enough to compensate for some bad behaviour,right?

You're right. Windies don't normally lose at Arnos Vale. Records that many years to make take one day to break. Oh well.
i'm disturbed by the bottle-throwing incident... it seems as if people have no concern for the face we present to the world at large... also, we appear to believe that violence is a valid response for not getting our way... there's an undercurrent of frustration and barely-concealed anger in our society and every now and again it bubbles up in incidents like this...

Yeah Will,very instructive the reaction
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