Thursday, June 26, 2008


Laying the Dragon to rest

VIncy Mas kicks off tomorrow but earlier today it was like a Mardi Gras or Monday jump up as we said goodbye to Roy Dragon Ralph. Former King of the bands lead the funeral procession,followed by the Police Band and then the hearse carrying the body of the great Masman to his final resting place. Hundreds of Vincies lined the streets while hundreds more danced and sang as the procession made its way to the Kingstown cemetery.

I felt good at the large turn out that said we really appreciated the man and his art. I felt a bit sad too because I don't know if Roy even knew how much he meant or how much joy he brought to Vincentians. As I type this, The 7 0 clock news is giving a listing of all the persons who were on the Queen's birthday list. I wonder why our premier masman could not warrant such recognition but then we have a tendency to take the cultural people for granted. I guess we only remember them seasonally and then it's back to normal programming. That will have to be changed.

Anyway,play yo mas Draggie and show them people on the other side the Vincy way

R.I.P. to the man.

Crazy country you dwell in. One day unuu bottling peeps, the next day you mourn in grand fashion.

(We could never have y'all's type in Norbrook :) )
A cultural icon laid to rest.

LOL! @ Cali J, seems the Sting bottling syndrome spread to Vincey!
Hope you get some pics of the Carnival! And you jumping mas!
Definitely will have pics.

My friend was telling me about the funeral and that Sion Hill pan-men played for the procession. Draggy was honored a few years back by the Ministry of Culture/CDC...he didn't pass unrecognized. Of course, we could always do more to honor him...national hero...I that serious.
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