Sunday, June 01, 2008


It's that time of the year


Yes people,the Hurricane season officially begins today. They are very unwelcomed visitors but they are so shameless they still keeping showing their faces. Make sure you barricade them doors and windows so if they do come they will be unable to plunder to their heart's content.

Actually,only hurricanes like what Bolt unleashed on New York are welcomed.

Yes Girl, I know the unwelcomness. We here in S. FL have been getting all the hurricane prepardness talk. Hope you are prepared.

Congrats to another CARICOM national for doing the region proud. Now if only Oba cud get on the ball
Darn. Hopefully there won't be too many this year. The less, the better.
Yeah, here we go again. Keeping fingers cross.
Oh, that's pretty scary. I hope there won't be any strong hurricane to hit your country this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too.

I was surfing the net looking for some postcard resources from Saint Vincent and The Grenadines and the link to your blog came up. So I decided to stop by and give my regards from my country in Asia :)
*chants to herself, while squeezing her eyes tight and crossing her fingers and saying a lot of prayers to the most high*
"We will not have an active season. We will not have an active season. We will not have an active season."
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