Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It's Obama

After a campaign that seemed like forever Barack Obama has secured the Democratic nomination. Funny enough I wasn't backing any of the contestants but I did enjoy watching history being made.

So now,there is a strong possibility that come November there could be a black President. Congrats to Obama for a job very well done thus far. When I see him and his family it's like seeing a black JFK except that he is not Catholic nor did he come from a wealthy family. Having gotten this far, I hope he similarity continues and he wins in November. I certainly hope there is no grassy knoll in his future ,so Texas needs to be avoided as well as hunting with Republicans or angry Democrats.

Can't help thinking it's a bit sad that Obama's parents(more so his mother) are not around to share this moment

There hasn't been any other candidates with Obama's duende in quite some time now. He has the potential to be the most inspirational president since JFK. It's going to be an interesting ride to November.
I get the similarties and I not knocking the man, but I really wish people would stop invoking JFK in this campaign, or MLK or Bobby Kennedy for that matter. Obama has a lot in common with these men and, honestly when I consider all things I wish that there were other men to compare him with, get me? Other great LIVING men. I knocking on wood.
This is indeed historic already, the fist black man to get so far in American politics with the possibility of being the first black president! Congrats to him! This will be another historic leg of the elections climaxing in November.
Point taken Abeni, all the good ones are dead, knocking on wood still.
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