Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hired to kill

My Prime Minister needs a bush bath. Really,he does! First, there were rape accusations and now an assassination plot. Dr Gonsalves must be wondering what kinda nightmare he is having.

To be honest,when I first heard of an assassination plot a month or so ago I dismissed it. I thought,surely some person or persons ought to have been charged given that there apppeared to be such intimate knowledge of the plan. To my great surprise,tonight's evening news reported that a known drug lord is apparently linked to the plot. As a result, the security detail for the PM has been increased at both his residence and office.

The said drug lord has recently been in the news when a large sum of USD (1 million,if memory serves me well) was found on a yacht owned by him. Last weekend one of the newspapers reported on its front page that assets that belonged to him such as vehicles,property and bank accounts were frozen. Could this be the reason for the alleged plan? If you factor in the rumors that the said drug lord was a contributor to the election campaign of the ruling pary then the plot thickens some more.

If only Caribbean politics had the transparency in fund raising like the US then many a rumor would not have grown. As it stands,we have to take seriously there is threat to the life of the Prime Minister and probably his family. I definitely hope it turns out to be false because I am really not willing to wrap my mind around the possibility that assassinations can become a part of our lives.

This sound like stuff from a movie! Well if the allegations are true, then he is reaping what the sew.
Agree with Stunner, crazy movie stuff....Canada has such a dry political scene compared to this
Lol,agreed it is all surreal
Wow. Assassination. Jamaica has its crime problems but I've never heard of an assassination attempt. Poor PM.
Big Trouble in little Hairouna.
The Caribbean sure getting its share of negative publicity, heard it on the news today, but rumor has it that it was only a matter of time, befroe your PM would have been in such a quandry. supposedly he got hot hands
A bush bath, lol, I thought you did not believe in faith creating results.

Threats on heads of state are nothing new to us here in the good old US of A, in fact quite disturbingly they have become so common place that we live under the assumption that such is the norm. We have entire armed service whose primary objective is to keep our President and visiting dignitaries alive and unharmed. This said, it is more disturbing that a threat of this magnitude is taking place in the West Indies, more so, St. Vincent. Politics in Hairouna may be colourful among other things but to it's credit it is more transparent than that in the US.

Here, the appearance of transparency is an illusion that we all accept. The laws designed to make the money trail visible are now so full of loopholes that the transparency it so hoped for is lost in a tangled mess it created. You don't have to look to far back in history to find a prime example. The presidential elections between G W Bush and John Kerry shows how donors can set up corporations for the election season whose sloe purpose is to defame the candidate of their choice.

One segment of our law states that an individual cannot give more than $2500 to a candidate per cycle, but this is easily bypassed by giving money to an outfit like swiftboat who supports the candidate you do. It's a very tangled web we've weaved.

I say all that to say that for all it's faults Caribbean politics is full of politicians as we know them. Men who love to talk. This coupled with the size of the nations we are talking about here we all know where the vast majority of funds come from. There may not be an official document but we know.

I fully expect the Prime Minister to be take a lot of flack over this latest edition of the drama and for him to be blamed even for putting himself in such a position. Many will make reference to the fact that he was a noted criminal attorney in a prior life. As if to be a success prior to life in public office is something to be punished for. But I digress. It is sad to hear let's just hope the police can manage to not bungle this one on the protection or prosecution ends.
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