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His name is Roy Ralph and for years he headed the popular Masband the Dragons. For quite some time Dragons was this island's leading masband and everyone looked forward to their King and Queen of the Bands Costumes. Dragons and Roy Ralph did not disappoint giving us such gems as " Two Man rat can't live in one hole", "Hurricane", "Out of the Frying Pan into the fire", "Millionaires Dam" to name a few.

Along with copping the major individual titles the band also walked away with many Band of the Year titles. If am not mistaken they are the "winningest" ban(although my mas band Nelson Bloc will aim to change that) and Roy "Dragon" Ralph the man with the most King of the Bands wins.

Today, the man who more than most epitomises Carnival and Mas died suddenly. The Dragon don't walk the trail no more and we are much poorer for it. RIP,Roy "Dragon" Ralph and thanks for the wonderful mas you brought to Victoria Park year after year.

Never heard of him before, but he seemed to have been a great artiste in Vinci. Another icon passes.
Roy "Dragon" Ralph will be missed by many in St.Vincent. He has made significant contributions to Vincy Mass and is now a great loss to carnival is SVG. I miss him and he will be missed by many. May he rest in peace.
May he rest in peace
Girl you ain't even know how that one hurting me, eh. R.I.P Dragon.
Again it is so nice to have a Vincy Blogger around to discuss events like Dragon's passing. I quite like this sense of community on things Vincy
I am very touched to see this written about Roy " the DRAGON, Draggy" Ralph. I share your sentiments. He was the epitome of a Carnival. My neck still aches from those costumes that we had to carry on our heads with arms outstretched not to mention those bruised shoulders and waist. My memorable costume was my snail pendants.. That I kept for years until the glue held it together no loner.
I join you and others to say farewell my soldier.... like the true king of the festival you choose the season to perform your last hoorah....
Rest in Peace Roy Ralph.
As a young teen growing up in St Vincent i decided to play mass with the dragons. it was not the first time playing mass. i played with Bad lads before but one day on my way home from school I was invited in to the dragons mass camp to see the drawings of the sections for that year, by Roy "Dragon" Ralph, That was one of the most memorable times of my life. I chose my section and spend my afternoons building costumes. under the directions of Roy Ralph.
Dragon had a spirit which
i always remember he was a creative giant. And a man of the people. To see him at work on a piece was a thing beauty, carving a mask from Styrofoam or bending wire and bringing his designs to life.
Because when that costumes was done it was a living breathing creation when it entered the Victoria park. Maybe we should rename it Roy Ralph park.

Bravo Dragon You our King.
I am just looking on the net for info on Roy "the Dragon" Ralph. I really like your page and look forward to read more articles and comments.
Ideisha Jackson
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