Saturday, April 26, 2008


Who is safe?

When one speaks of crime there are always some theories thrown around regarding its cause. People speak of poverty, breakdown in family values,the instant gratification sought by the young/materialism and lately the isssue of deportees and the linkage with rising hunger.

Last year we had 36 homicides and so far I think we have 8. When we hear of gun related crimes we tend to feel safe as we tell ourselves that we are not part of the gun or drug scene. Then last Wednesday,we heard of a body found buried in a shallow grave in the Belair cemetery and realised that no one is really safe. Here was a woman, retired public servant who according to the rumors gave someone a ride and never made it home.

It's particulary upsetting because just last Sunday, my girlfriends and I had to stop on the road and ask a guy to tighten the car wheel for us. We were so reluctant to do it but then there was the greater danger to consider. Since the latest homicide we just keep thinking that we easily could have come to some harm as well. Yes, we didn't but we trusted someone and that could have turned out to be a fatal error.

I don't even know what's next. Maybe,we have to become gun toting citizens and invest in personal security measures. It's a scary situation which seems like it will get worse before it gets better.

I remember posting last year about how the homicide rate in my area was creeping me out. I think it's looking better this year, but we'll have to keep our fingers crossed until the end of the year... still a long way to go.
wunnah need to tighten wunnah own car wheel. dat is what next

if ya too weak get thee hence forth to a gym and try an get stronger
Gym? Not interested and you kno wwe have to let you men do something useful:)
Violent crime is really a sore point and scary reality we all have to keep in mind. We all hope it wouldn't happen to us, but the reality is that we are just as vulnerable as the victims. The most we can do is to be careful and pray for God's protection in these vicious times.
The most we can do is to be careful and pray for God's protection in these vicious times.

Um, no. God has never intervened on anybody's behalf when it comes to violent crimes.... Or even petty crimes for that matter. Imaginary beings rarely do. Christian cemeteries fill up with victims of violent crimes as fast as any secular cemeteries. Even in the improbably chance of there being an omnipotent deity, it sure doesn't seem to care that people die in gruesome ways.

The most you can do is be extremely careful. Try to stay away from high crime areas. Have plenty of companions when you go out at night. Don't make yourself a target... etc. etc. Hoping that a god will protect you is the absolute least you can do.
I agree with Stunner. Walk good, have faith and pray, but also carry a big stick. Women out alone make easy targets, always be vigilant.
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