Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Flour hike

Tonight, SVG TV reported that the price of flour will soon be going up. I wonder if this is a plot to steer us away from flour and to more healthy living. After all, the Wellness Revolution is one of the buzzwords around Vincyland. All joke aside, this increase in flour price is serious business as it doesn't get much more basic than flour. Look how bread about to turn luxury on us!

I guess this means things like pizza, raisin rolls, patties and all the other things I live on will be taxing my pocket. Increase in NIS(National Insurance scheme) has already put a dent in the little 10% increase so this flour hike is not exactly good news.

It seems I have to get a liking for those veggies. Wait, they cost way more than the bread so I got no where to go. It appears I will have to love flour from a distance

You wouldn't think they'd be allowed to increase the price of something that's so basic to human survival. I mean, you don't get any more basic than bread and water. It doesn't seem reasonable to me at all.
start plant your own kitchen garden and raise some chicken in the back yard
Everything is going up, food, rent, oil! I hear it might increase by 30% here and it is already darn expensive. I can just see people going to gourmet restaurants just to have bread and food made from flour. Looks like Jdid's suggest is a good one or we may have to turn to some of those exotic insect meals!
Hope earnestly for the salary hike.
Girl, it look like they want us to start shoplifting or something. How do they expect especially the poor to survive? We had a subsidy here which ended March 31. I'm just waiting.
If it makes you feel any better, the same has happened in Jamaica. Still sucks though.
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