Tuesday, April 01, 2008



After three plus years of blogging it's time to pack it in. I am not going to do like Jdid who announced he was quitting only to be still blogging away. That's it folks,the blogging ride is over.

It was a pleasure interacting with all of you and I will always have fond memories of our link up at La Kabana,Kingston. Those of you who I have never met I still feel a connection to you through our interactions.

I will miss you all but the time has come for me to move on. Currently, too many issues are competing for time and blogging is beginning to feel like a chore rather than the joy it once was. I promise to still check your blogs whenever I can though. Y'all be good.Peace,Out!

Gotcha! C,mon admit it, Y'all fell for my All fools Day trick.

Girl you ain't even funny. LOL. You got me, I am an all fool's day sucker. LOL.
Ha..u got me as well!!! Good one that!!

I enjoy your blog...fabulous; a daily must-read...
I read your blog daily.As a matter of fact,I look forward to it each day.I was actually fooled!!You do have a lot to say,so I am glad that you will continue blogging RESPECT!!
LOL!!!! Listen mi, don't do that again young lady! :)
lol,thanks y'all for the kind words..kinda busy noe tho so can't blog as often
Well, its a good thing I read this kinda late so I saw that you were still posting. You woulda got me though!!
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